Top 5 SEO Mistakes

The algorithms of the top internet search engines change on a daily basis, but there are several things that haven’t changed in SEO and aren’t likely to change anytime soon. Essentially, SEO helps search engines learn what your business is all about. During the process of search engine optimization, there are five major mistakes businesses make which hurt search rankings. These five mistakes include: duplicate content, keyword stuffing, no content, link farming, and old or outdated content. There are a plethora of other mistakes businesses can make in SEO, but these are the top five mistakes.

The Right SEO Strategy

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content includes any content copied from another source or site on the internet. Businesses often get into trouble when they copy content directly from a competitor, vendor, or manufacturer. What many business owners don’t realize is that copying one’s own content is equally bad. Putting the exact same content on a web page, a blog, and a press release is considered duplicate content in SEO.

2. Keyword Stuffing

In SEO, it’s a best practice to put relevant keywords a business wants to rank for in the content. However, less is more is definitely the case with keywords. Businesses negatively impact their SEO when they stuff a 500 word content piece with 30 occurrences of a keyword. Not only does it make the text bad from a user perspective, it also hurts rankings.

3. No Content

Since SEO is based around a great user experience, a website or blog with little to no content creates a bad experience and hurts SEO. A website with one paragraph is a waste of time and drives up the bounce rate. If users think a website is bad, so do the search engines.

4. Link Farming

A link farm is a website or group of websites that was only created to provide inbound links to other sites. While relevant, useful links are great for SEO, link farms are often unrelated, sham websites without any authority. Never buy links or use a link farm to improve your SEO since it will ALWAYS negatively impact your rankings.

5. Old Content

A website with clearly outdated and old content makes for a terrible user experience. Fresh, updated content and websites are ranked higher. Websites with blog features are easy to keep fresh and add updated content to in order to attract visitors and improve SEO.
If you have made one of these mistakes, don’t worry; it can be fixed. It may take a little bit of time to correct the mistake, but the benefits are positive.
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