Top Content Ideas for Optometry Blogs

Your content, along with your website is an integral part of reaching your target audience. When you think of your ideal eye care patient, what sort of topics do you think they are searching for online? Creating content that interests those potential patients will help you to drive more traffic to your site and rank better among your competition. 

Content marketing, specifically blogging, engages new and potential patients by building relationships with those people and encouraging them through the user journey to ultimately come to your practice for an appointment.

Are you ready to start creating? Follow along as we discuss the content ideas for optometry blogs to execute as well as the benefits of having a blog on your website. 

Blog Post Ideas for Optometrists 

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Let’s get into some of the top ideas for optometry blogs to create content for:

1. Why eye exams are important for your vision

2. Healthy eye care habits to put into practice

3. What your vision says about your health

4. The most common eye conditions/diseases

5. Bad contact lens habits to leave behind

6. Refractive errors

7. How your diet can affect your eyes

8. Different types of contact lenses

9. Common surgical eye procedures (LASIK, cataract, etc.)

10. How to care for your glasses

11. How a child’s eye develop and when they need their first eye exam

12. Computer vision syndrome

13. How to choose the right glasses for your face

14. Tips to protect your vision

15. Eye care myths

16. How often do you need to replace your glasses or contact lenses

17. What does 20/20 vision mean

18. Dry eye syndrome

19. How your eyes change as you age

20. How UV rays affect your eyes

21. What to expect at your first optometry appointment

22. What type of training/education do optometrists receive 

23. Eye allergies

24. Protecting your eye while playing sports

25. How environmental factors affect your eyesight

The Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Optometry Website

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If you think maintaining a blog is not necessary, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Here are a few reasons why you should start one and consistently publish content:

Drive More Traffic 

When you think of the top ways that people are finding your website, what comes to mind? These potential patients are most likely finding you online through Google. You can generate organic traffic to your practice’s optometry website by creating content that interests your target audience as well as appealing to search engines.

This is referred to as keyword research. Think of the most ideal terms that someone who is interested in optometry services would Google. This can also include questions about symptoms, specific treatments, or procedures. 

The more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you have on your website. This opens up more opportunities for you to rank and be discovered by users looking for vision care specialty services in their local area. 

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Convert Readers Into New Patients

Now that those users are on your website reading your content, you’ve got them right where you want them. You’re in a place to have them take the next step and browse your site for your services and eventually book an appointment. 

Include a call-to-action (CTA) in the text of your blog posts to encourage users to complete the next step in their journey to becoming a new client of yours. Make sure that your CTA directs them to the specific landing page. This could be a page to easily schedule an appointment or even one that leads the user to a discount code or coupon for their first visit, in order to increase your conversions. 

Educate Readers On Eye Health

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There is so much content online regarding eye care and we’re sure you want people to be as educated as possible to make sound decisions about their vision. Your blog is the perfect place to give readers the chance to improve their knowledge of eye health. 

They may be surfing the web to answer questions about how to care for their eyes and what better place to come than to an expert? You can give general information on the care of your patients’ eyes, diseases, how often they should see an optometrist, etc. 

Share News About Your Practice and Services

You can also give updates about your practice and the services that would benefit them. The types of news you could draft blog posts for includes:

  • Awards or recent achievements
  • Media appearances
  • Events you are hosting in your local community 
  • Becoming part of an association or partnering with other businesses
  • New technology you are using on patients at your practice

Involving users in the updates of your optometry practice communicates transparency and allows you to build trusting relationships with potential patients. 

Blogging about the services you provide is also an excellent way to equip readers with the information they need before booking an appointment with you. Do you have certain procedures to address eye care emergencies? What is the process like for being fitted for contact or glasses? Tell your readers about it! Then they will have a better idea of how their visit to your office will go. 

Build Authority in the Optometry Space 

Wouldn’t it be nice to become the website that users turn to in order to learn more information about their eyes? You can build authority in the optometry space and gain the trust of readers by providing your audience with valuable content on your blog. 

It’s an opportunity to put your knowledge on display and show readers that they’ve made the right decision in choosing you as their optometrist. 

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You Will Have Content to Share on Your Social Media Pages and Through Email 

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Once you’ve gone through the process of creating the blog posts, now it’s time to share with your target audience. There is more than one way that you can make sure as many people as possible see your content. 

The first is to share your posts on different social media platforms. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, post the hyperlink to your new piece of content every time you publish one on your website. This will increase the engagement on your pages, the traffic to your website, as well as the views of your blog. 

The next is to send your subscription list an email when you publish on your blog. If you want to reach people through multiple channels, email marketing along with social media is a great way to do so. For those who may not follow you online, emailing them ensures that they still see your content. These types of emails can be automated to make the process easier for you and your staff. 

How Often Should You Publish New Blog Posts?

How often you post new blog posts on your website is entirely up to you and the team of staff that help you create content. Running a successful optometry office is not easy, so determining when you should post is dependent on how much time you spend on creation. 

Whether you decide on once a week, every other week, or once a month, just remember to be consistent and stick to a schedule so your audience knows when to expect a post from you. 

iMatrix Can Help You With Your Optometry Marketing

If you are ready to dive into writing blog posts for your eye care patients but need a little help, that’s perfectly fine. That’s what we’re here for. We can help you build a library of custom blog content to engage your patients and generate traffic for your website. Call us at 888.792.8384 or click here for special pricing.

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