Top 15 Veterinary Blogs You Should Subscribe To

Content marketing is an essential part of your overall veterinary marketing strategy. Your content, along with search engine optimization (SEO), draws organic traffic to your website from potential clients, which can, in turn, become booked appointments. 

Pet owners are always searching online for healthcare information for their pets. They want to learn the best ways to provide for their pets so they can live a healthy, full life. Blogs are the perfect course of action to consolidate all the most valuable information for pet owners.

If you are interested in staying updated on the latest veterinary news and technology and want inspiration for your blog, here are fifteen veterinary blogs you should follow and why you should have your own.

15 Veterinary Blogs – Editor’s Picks

The following blogs are in no particular order:

1. American Veterinary Medical Association

AVMA is a highly well-known vet medical association to advance veterinary medicine and animal care. If you are a professional in the industry, this is your holy grail resource for the most important pet health-related updates. This blog gives information on:

  • New tools and technologies 
  • News about veterinary schools and scholarships
  • AVMA initiatives
  • Additional support for veterinary students and professionals

Read the AVMA blog here:

2. Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News is an excellent resource for veterinarians, vet techs, and nurses who want to stay informed about exclusive vet stories, breakthroughs in veterinary medicine, and technological advances. 

This blog also offers countless information on:

  • Veterinary news
  • Up-and-coming trends within the industry 
  • New or recalled veterinary products
  • Practice management

In addition, there are interviews with all types of vet professionals and personal essays written about their everyday lives.

Read the Veterinary Practice News blog here:

3. Dr. Andy Roark

Dr. Andy Roark’s vet blog is more personal and aims to show the humanity of veterinary professionals and their experiences with their teams, pet patients, and owners. The blog posts focus on:

  • Veterinary medicine
  • The importance of empathy
  • Employee morale
  • Teamwork
  • Good leadership

Many veterinary practices experience burnout, and this blog seeks to help those struggling with depression while also trying to provide excellent pet care. At the end of their shift, it’s important to remember that vet professionals are also people and deserve the same compassion they show animals.

Read the Dr. Andy Roark blog here:

4. I Love Veterinary

I Love Veterinary is on the more lighthearted side of veterinary healthcare. This blog is excellent for those who are fans of veterinarians and want to spread positivity throughout the community. This blog provides:

  • Useful videos 
  • Educational infographics
  • Fun and informational quizzes
  • Even more content about pet care

Some of their recent blog content includes the following:

This blog also conducts interviews with industry professionals about different animal topics, as well as webinars and other online events. I Love Veterinary is also great for veterinary enthusiasts who love learning about animal health.

Read the I Love Veterinary blog here:

5. VETgirl

If you are a veterinary professional always looking to learn more, VETgirl offers RACE-approved continued education (CE) for vet professionals. If you subscribe, you’ll have access to hundreds of hours of content. This popular blog is also great for students currently in veterinary school to learn additional information about veterinary care.

Read the VETgirl blog here:

6. Dr. Marty Becker

Dr. Marty Becker is the founder of Fear Free, an organization whose mission is to prevent fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. He inspires readers to be responsible owners care for, and love their pets properly. He advocates for the bond between humans and animals and encourages them to live healthier physical and emotional lives.

 This blog covers topics such as:

  • tips and tricks to keep one’s cat safe
  • chemotherapy with pets
  • helping cats get more exercise

Read the Dr. Marty Becker blog here:

7. Pete The Vet

Pete the Vet is the official veterinary blog of Dr. Pete Wedderburn, a veterinarian from the United Kingdom. He is a well-known media veterinarian in Ireland and the UK and a prolific writer on animal topics. His blog articles center on cases he’s handled, giving readers a peek into what veterinary professionals face daily. It’s one of the best veterinary blogs for practices that want to focus on pet case studies.

Read the Pete the Vet blog here:

8. Pet Poison Helpline

Pet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour animal poison control service available to pet owners and veterinary professionals in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. It’s an incredible resource for advanced animal health, particularly how to treat pets who have been potentially poisoned. This veterinary blog’s posts center on topics such as:

  • Xylitol
  • Holiday plants
  • Holiday party dangers

Read the Pet Poison Helpline blog here:


IDEXX is a global leader in healthcare innovation, including veterinary medicine. The company’s software, diagnostic products, and services help create clarity in a complex, evolving world. What makes this blog unique is that it’s targeted toward vet professionals, managers, and owners. Its content focuses on topics such as:

  • practice management
  • veterinary trends
  • increasing one’s flexibility

Read the IDEZZ blog here:

10. Vetsource

Vetsource is not just for veterinary medicine practitioners or pet owners. It’s for both. Vetsource has a unique layout as it has resources for veterinary professionals to optimize its operations. Simultaneously, this website also has dedicated web pages for pet owners. This is one of the best veterinary blogs to follow for industry news and how to modernize one’s operations. Some of its blog topics include:

  • continuing education courses in veterinary pharmacy
  • the advantages of using ChatGPT
  • attracting top talent

Read the Vetsource blog here:

11. PetDesk

Both startups and experienced professionals in veterinary care can learn a lot from PetDesk. This is one of the best veterinary blogs for communication and staff efficiency tips. This company is on a mission to help veterinary professionals maximize technology to better connect with pet parents. Its blog posts cover the following:

  • massage ideas for a vet practice
  • veterinary software built for client communication
  • marketing pet dental health month

Read the PetDesk blog here:

12. VetRecruiter

More often than not, veterinary practices find themselves short-staffed. Finding people to trust to provide pets and pet owners the best care can be challenging. VetRecruiter is one of the most incredible veterinary blogs for attracting new hires. This website also helps job searchers find the veterinary practice they seek. Among the topics this blog covers include:

  • industry news
  • ideas for veterinary recruiters

Read the VetRecruiter blog here:

13. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is a remuneration on all things veterinary hospital operations. It’s one of the veterinary blogs that should be on one’s radar if their goal is to elevate their practice. This blog offers valuable insights into business operation efficiency and the latest industry news. 

Pick the Brain covers topics such as:

  • predictions from vet professionals
  • the best veterinary conferences
  • how to advance one’s veterinary career

Read the Pick the Brain blog here:

14. Skeptvet

Skeptvet is a veterinary blog that tackles issues like supplements, nutrition, and behavior, using science-backed evidence to support their claims. This is one of the blogs that should be on one’s reading list if one wants to explore controversial topics in the industry.

Read the Skeptvet blog here:

15. Merck Manual

Learning never stops, and Merck Manual offers readers the unique opportunity to learn from people on their way to becoming a practicing veterinarian. Merck Manual focuses on students studying veterinary care. This blog features practical tips for aspiring veterinarians as well as tips for better pet care. This blog covers topics like:

  • metabolic disorders
  • exotic and laboratory animals
  • immune system

Read the Merck Manual blog here:

Why Veterinary Blogs Are Important

Veterinarian showing a vet blog on a website

Now that you’ve found some veterinary blogs that offer valuable content on a daily and weekly basis, let’s discuss why it’s important for you to create your own blog as well. There are many benefits to adding and maintaining a vet blog to your website. 

Maintain Organization on Your Site

A blog can help you stay structured and organized while keeping all the useful information about your vet practice, including services, company updates, etc., all in one place. Visitors can look through your archives of blog content to find what they need. 

You can make it even easier for potential clients by setting up a search bar on your veterinary blog page or making categories so visitors can find the topic they want. Examples of some categories include:

  • Dog owners
  • Feline lovers
  • Exotic pets
  • Equine
  • Animal Health
  • Grooming
  • Nutrition/dietary needs
  • Diseases and chronic conditions
  • Visiting the vet
  • Keeping your pet healthy
  • Behavior and training
  • Pet safety
  • Small animal veterinarian dedicated
  • Veterinary medicine

Work on Your Long-Term SEO Strategy

Blogging is a long-term strategy to help your website increase its visibility for months and years. It’s important to optimize old content and add new pieces to your site often. Your clinic works hard to provide quality veterinary care in person, and you can showcase this online on your blog. 

Show readers that you are an expert in your field so they know their pet is in great hands. An effective SEO strategy isn’t accomplished overnight. It takes consistency, research, targeting specific keywords, and content creation. But you will be rewarded in the end as more pet owners choose you as their vet.

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Increase Organic Traffic

Veterinary blogs can drive organic traffic to your vet website by attracting users with content that answers their questions. Once they browse your site’s blog, this can lead them to your services page. They may become interested in what you can do for their pet, and that organic traffic can turn into new clients for your veterinary clinic. 

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Build a Strong Online Community 

A blog is an opportunity to connect with your veterinary community and share information with clients and other veterinary professionals. When you try to build relationships with others who care for animal welfare, you can count on them to consistently support your content. 

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