Veterinarian Websites. Get Seen Online.

Attract more clients with a website design that turns more web visitors into appointments. Check out our professional designs and get a website that gives you results.


See More Pet Patients

Your veterinary website is optimized for pet owners to find your services easily, navigate effortlessly and a modern mobile responsive design.

Educational Vet Content

Get 100+ pages of veterinary content on your website covering topics like pet care, radiology, dental care, vaccines, and more to educate your website visitors.

Turn Visitors Into Clients

Bring in constant leads with a web design that includes an online booking section for clients to easily schedule appointments for your practice.


General Veterinary

Show the benefits of your general veterinary services using a website design with interactive elements to get more appointments

Feline Veterinarian

Get feline veterinary designs that lay out the most important information for clients, including your phone, hours and location

Equine Veterinarian

Highlight images of equine treatments, blogs and graphics on your website to promote your practice's services

Animal Hospitals

Feature industry content from experts on your animal hospital website to inform and educate your new and existing clients

Mobile Veterinarian

Get an accessible mobile veterinarian website showing the convenience of your services to convert more visitors into clients

Exotics Veterinarian

Showcase the variety of exotic veterinarian treatments you provide with appealing imagery and features to get more clients

Easily Get Found Online

Have a strong digital presence for your veterinary practice or animal hospital even when your clinic isn’t open. Let clients to quickly find information about your practice like office hours, phone numbers, educational resources and other must-have information on your veterinary website.

Get More Qualified Appointments

Make your page stand out with a sleek scheduling system that separates your page from other websites for veterinarians and makes it easy for you and your clients to book and confirm appointments.
Vet Booking
Lead Gen Tools

See All Your Veterinary Website Leads in a Single Place

Our portal lets you to see how many leads your veterinary website has generated for your practice and where they come from. Make unlimited updates to your web design and easily communicate with your clients using helpful email marketing tools.

Educate Pet Owners With 100+ Pieces of Veterinary Content

Your website comes with an extensive library of educational veterinary content to better communicate with pet parents about pet care and the veterinary services your practice or animal hospital provides like preventative care, annual checkups to surgeries, spay and neuter, vaccinations, animal dentistry, and more.
Vet Content
Vet Reviews

Showcase and Promote Your Online Reviews

Display your best client reviews to potential customers and make it easy for clients to leave your practice reviews after you’ve treated their pets. Encourage new clients to book appointments and see how satisfied others have been with your services. Stand out from other veterinary websites in your area by placing your stellar reviews front and center.

Show Your Social Media Posts on Your Website

Show your latest social media posts right on your veterinary website homepage to keep your website visitors up to date on what’s going on at your practice and make it easy for them to follow your social media channels.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Website Edits

Get US-based support and make changes to your veterinary website any time you want. Get unlimited updates so you can make your practice as client-friendly as possible. Access a self-service portal where you can make content edits yourself if you want to have full control.

Use Flexible Forms to Capture Client Data

Get more from your veterinary website with custom form leads and capture client information before they come into your office so you can be prepared to treat their pet. Set the information you would like to receive from your clients like pet’s age, health concerns, weight and other important information you may need from your clients before they step into your practice or animal hospital.
Vet eCards

Say Hello to Your Clients With eCards

Send personalized holiday greetings, anniversary and seasonal eCards to your clients. Build and maintain a relationship with your clients so you can stay on top of their mind for getting the best veterinary pet care.

Let Clients Know What’s New With a Newsletter

Keep your clients up to date with monthly newsletters to remind customers of sales, upcoming offers, new blog posts or annual pet checkup reminders.
Vet Newsletters

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of website services do you offer?

We offer effective, mobile-responsive websites, hosting, social media, SEO, reputation management, Google ads, Google My Business optimization and more services to help your practice stand out online, reach your target audience and find more potential clients. We have a wide variety of packages available in order to meet each individual practice's needs. Explore our different plans on the compare plans page or browse our veterinary websites.

What certifications does your veterinary marketing company have?

VetMatrix is a Google Premier Partner and our chiropractic marketing service account managers are all Google Ads certified. Working with a chiropractic marketing company that is a Google Premier Partner means that our experts continuously ensure the success of our customers' practice when they contract our veterinary marketing solutions. Learn more about the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner here.

What are the next steps if I want to learn more about your veterinary websites?

To learn about all of our package options, schedule a free consultation with one of our marketing experts through our get special pricing offer offer or call us at 800.792.8384 and expect a reply within one business day. During your personalized session, we will go over your practice’s web design needs, your current online presence, optimization strategies and present you with the best veterinary websites & strategies tailored to your unique situation.

If I become a client, what level of support will my veterinary practice get?

As a VetMatrix client, you will get unlimited support from our U.S based customer experience team. You can reach them via phone M-F 6 AM - 4 PM Pacific time or opening a support ticket at any time. You can also expect a monthly check-in call to go over marketing ideas, website results and suggestions on steps you can take to improve your animal hospital or clinic's performance online.

How long will the onboarding process take?

Typically, we will schedule a kickoff call to start your onboarding process. This will occur within a week of you signing your contract. We will need you to be available and collaborate with us during the process to ensure we can enable all your services, optimize and transfer any data and including porting any high quality images you might have from previous websites or providers. Most people complete the onboarding process within 2-4 weeks but time can vary depending on each practice's situation. The onboarding process can take anywhere between two weeks to a month after your kick-off call.

What results can I expect if I use your veterinary websites and marketing services?

Working with VetMatrix, you can expect an online improvement in your practice’s most important elements. Depending on the plan you select, you will see an increase in website traffic, appointment requests, and calls to your practice. SEO plans are a great example of how you can quickly reach the top of Google with content relevant to people that own dogs, cats and other pets.

What kind of strategies do you offer for your veterinary websites?

We understand every veterinarian has different goals and needs when looking to get a new website with VetMatrix. We offer a wide array of tools to help you get started no matter how familiar you are with marketing your practice online. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect entry point for your practice, whether your goal is to reach the top of Google quickly, optimize your website or facilitate online bookings for your patients, we have a solution for you.

When will I start to see results from your vet website services?

Depending on the veterinary marketing plan selected, you will start getting more leads within the first month after signing up. Other plans require a few months in order for you to start seeing results, given that both Search Engine Optimization strategies and generating more 5 star reviews for your practice take time. We will set up strategy calls with you to go over your main KPIs including website traffic, the number of leads you receive, and more.

What sets your veterinary websites apart from the competition?

Our website designs are professionally curated and adaptable to fit each practice’s personality. We implement the most up-to date trends and features designed to engage and attract patients to your site and create the best veterinary websites. From video banners, online booking features, custom forms, full width images and freedom to customize your website whenever you want, we are first when it comes to providing flexibility to our clients. You can also integrate an online store to promote your online pharmacy, veterinary products and toys.

What is the pricing for your VetMatrix marketing packages?

We have plan options starting from $99 to suit whatever your veterinary clinic needs to improve its marketing strategy. Compare all the packages we have available here.

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