Veterinary Email Marketing Best Practices

A cost-effective way to communicate directly with a large number of clients is through veterinary email marketing. As a veterinary practice, email marketing is a smart avenue for bringing awareness to your practice, engaging with pet owners, generating more leads, and sharing educational information.

Email Marketing for Veterinarians

Follow the guidelines outlined in this blog to maximize results and ensure your veterinary marketing efforts are successfully building a relationship with local pet owners.

1. Groom and Grow Your Client Email List

Remove emails for clients who are no longer active clients of your practice so you can target your desired audience. Also, make sure you are continually updating your email list with new clients and potential leads.

2. Don’t Spam Your Email List

With an easy click of the mouse, you can reach out to hundreds of pet owners. Emailing out valuable pet health information increases your rapport with pet owners, but sending too much information can turn off pet owners from your business. Respect your clients’ permission to email them and you will build an enduring veterinarian-pet owner relationship.

3. Remind Pet Owners about Promotions, Events, and Announcements

Improve awareness about promotions, events, pet care specials, and milestones by emailing your clients and leads. These types of veterinary emails will elicit better client participation and increase interest in your veterinary practice.

4. Share Educational and Insightful Information

Be sure to mix up the content you email out. Not every email should focus on a sale or a promotion. Include emails about educational or insightful topics to give clients a refreshing break from the continual influx of promotions they receive from all types of businesses.

5. Create an Email Marketing Calendar

Create a calendar to keep track of what and when you send emails out to clients. Limit emails to every 2-4 weeks increases the power of your messages and reduces the amount of pet owners who want to unsubscribe from your emails.

6. Keep It Professional

There are a variety of approaches to email marketing, but keep all of your messages professional at the core. Proofread emails, write clear content, and visually format emails in a clean manner to produce a professional impression.

Follow these email marketing strategies to build pet owner loyalty, bring clients in more often, and give them a reason to click, read, and take action. For more information about email marketing for veterinarians, contact our team at 800-792-8384.

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