Welcome Home to Our New, Larger Office Space!

Our new year started off in a big way with a move into a new and much larger office space. Featuring an open-floor plan concept and 25,000 square feet, the new building provides the needed space to accommodate our growing team and then some. With a main floor plus loft, the new building’s layout incorporates more work stations and dedicated meeting spaces, a larger kitchen, several outdoor recreational areas, and a myriad of other amenities.
From the electronically controlled, adjustable standing desks to the increased snack options in the kitchen, it seems like everyone has their own favorite aspect of the new space. During lunchtime on a sunny casual Friday, we asked some of our employees what they liked most about the new building and here is what they had to say:

“The people here are hands-down the best part about working here at iMatrix”
-Colton Pohl-Wood, Client Support Coach

“I really like the sun shining on my forehead on the outside patio, with a cup of cold brew in my hand!”
-Will Mancini, Account Development Consultant

“I want to hug the ice machine. It’s so convenient and helps me reach my daily hydration goals.”
-Audrey Ng, Market Research Analyst

“The room to play basketball out back is dope!”
-Ameen El-Ashqar & Keaton Lash, Internet Consultants

“These desks are the coolest. Being able to stand or sit throughout the day is awesome!”
-Keaton Lash, Internet Consultant

“I enjoy the open patio but I really love the foosball!”
-Jacqueline Nelson, Internet Consultant
“I like the new kitchen!”
-Victoria Sager, Internet ConsultantThe new office building is located at 5550 Morehouse Dr., in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego. Previously, iMatrix occupied a smaller building also in the Sorrento Valley area. The company and its 173 employees officially moved into the larger space at the end of January.

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