5 Basic SEO Tips

SEO can be a little hard to understand, especially since key strategies change as the search engines change, but the basic purpose of SEO is always to have your business visible on the web when people look for you. Here are five of the most basic but essential tips for effective SEO.

Tip #1 Know Your Keywords

In order to get traffic, you must know what to target. Find what keywords generate traffic from your clients and make sure they are present on your website. They should appear in the meta tags, page names, URLs, and content. Don’t insert keywords where it would sound unnatural.  Always write for humans, not search engines.
Start with a short list of what your clients use to find you. This could be very general, such as “optometrist,” or more specific, such as “custom designer frames.” Also, look at your competitors. Are they using prominent wording that is relevant to your business? You can check the search volume (potential clients) using online tools such as wordtracker.com. This will give you an idea of what terms are both targeted and producing sufficient traffic.
Once you have a short list make sure your site contains your main keywords in the page titles, headings, and meta description.

Tip #2 Content

Content is the most important part of your site. It is critical to have well-written content that is interesting and useful, as well as keyword rich. When writing the content, remember to sound natural. Try to use your keywords sparingly, generally not more than once a paragraph.

If you have multiple keywords to target, don’t try to cram them all into your homepage. The home page should be for your most important terms only. Create individual pages that can be optimized for more specific terms and products. For example, if you offer 5 specific services create a keyword rich page for each.

Tip #3 Social Media

Social Media has become increasingly important in SEO. A good social media presence can generate referral traffic through links and reviews and keep existing clients engaged. You should have regularly updated and accurate business pages for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
Encourage your clients to review your site on their preferred social media and keep them engaged with updates, offers, and regular posts. Reviews are important for being competitive in local search and helping clients decide to choose you.

Tip #4 Directories

Having your info accurate on Yahoo, Yelp, etc. is important for local search. Inconsistent information could keep clients from finding you and can negatively affect your search ranking. Also keep an eye out for industry specific directories, such as healthgrades.com and vitals.com for doctors.
Do an audit of popular directories and see if they have your business name, address, phone number, hours, and website correct. Many of these are automated and can have incorrect or outdated information.

Tip #5 Update Regularly

Keeping fresh content on your website has become increasingly important. You should have a new blog post or content update at least once a month to show that the site is being maintained. This is important to keep the site from being static and out of date for users and also to show its value to the search engines.

Update Your Website Regularly

Once you have some statistics available for the website, check what keyword searches are driving traffic. If there are a number of searches for a specific product or service consider adding an optimized page of content for it. If the page already exists, keep it updated or add a FAQ page. Appearing as an authority for a search is always important to search engine position.


In summary, your website should be designed and written for your clients. Know what you are targeting and produce good, readable content with keywords where appropriate. Take advantage of social media and directories to promote your business and keep your website updated with new content.
Basing your SEO strategy on these tips will keep you from being dependent on changes to the search engines and ensure your site is user friendly for your clients, while maximizing exposure as well.
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