What You Need To Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google AdWords is one of the top advertising tools available in the marketplace, allowing virtually anyone to run a clearly defined, budgeted, and effective ad campaign. Recently, Google released the largest updates to the AdWords platform.
Here are the top 3 things small businesses need to know about AdWords enhanced campaigns.
1.  Easy Location Targeting with Geo-Modifying Bids – Today’s businesses understand the importance of reaching the potential consumer in the perfect context. With Enhanced Campaigns, small businesses can target their ads with amazing accuracy. It is now possible to target ads only to those potential customers within your designated target. Want to target people only within walking distance? Easy. Want to focus only on one ZIP code? No problem. In addition, advertisers can now use bid multipliers to increase or decrease the amount they are willing to spend per locale. Want to target potential customers within a five mile radius but focus less on a particular neighborhood? Small businesses now have that powerful, granular control over who will see their ads.

2. Mobile Targets and Bid Multipliers – Similar to location targeting bid multipliers, advertisers can now take advantage of the ever-growing mobile space by setting bid multipliers for mobile devices. Small businesses can now bid higher for target keywords when users are on smart phones. When used in combination with location targeting and bid multipliers, advertisers now have tremendously targeted control over who sees their ads and where.

3. Upgraded Ad Extensions – Ad extensions, “add-ons”  to traditional AdWords text ads, have always been an excellent way to improve an AdWords campaign. With Enhanced Campaigns, ad extensions have now been improved to allow for greater control and extended capability. Upgraded site link extensions allow advertisers to set different site links for every ad group, allowing for greater control of what users will see. Call extensions have also been upgraded to give advertisers the ability to focus their campaigns on mobile. Now, small businesses can serve ads containing their phone number only to those people on their phone. Makes sense right?
Enhanced Campaigns have much more to offer advertisers, but the combination of easy location targets, mobile bid multipliers, and upgraded ad extensions gives small businesses better tools to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.
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