19 Best Veterinary Website Designs For 2023

Your veterinary website serves as a virtual practice that pet owners will see when they are searching for veterinary care. You wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression. Veterinary website designs should portray your practice in a sleek, professional manner that highlights your specialties, educates clients, answers questions, and much more. 

best veterinary websites

These days, it doesn’t matter if you offer the most advanced veterinary medical equipment or the best-trained staff, if your practice doesn’t have a digital presence, potential clients will choose your competitors who are more visible online. 

Let’s take a look at the best veterinary website designs in 2022 and see what elements can create a user-friendly experience and turn visitors into new clients. Explore the best veterinarian website designs in our gallery here.

Best Vet Website Designs by Specialty

General Veterinary website designs

Feline website designs

Equine website designs

Mobile website designs

Exotic website designs

General Veterinary Website Designs 

A great veterinary website demonstrates its technical expertise without losing its personal touch to attract new clients and engage with existing clients. Differentiating your site from others is vital because it should have personalized elements that depict your brand values and services. Here are three examples of websites designed for veterinarians who care for all pets.

Check out our veterinary website gallery for more general vet designs.

General Veterinary Website Example 1

Find the perfect website design with the right feel for your veterinary practice. Here Carmel is all about using clean lines and dark shades of blue colors to create a look that is modern and fresh. It’s simple and easy to navigate. The contrast in the dark colors is also very appealing and makes important components like the call-to-action (CTA) button stand out. 

 One thing that really elevates the design is the images used on the menu. They have a feature where when a visitor hovers over the image it zooms it. Plus, the appointment request pops out in red on the homepage.

See Carmel Design in action here

General Veterinary Website Example 2

best veterinary website designs

If you’re a veterinarian who provides general pet care, then this website design is a great fit because it illustrates how simple it is to access information. Once pet owners land on this site, a call to action prompts them to schedule an appointment or contact the practice to help increase conversions. 

As you scroll, there is newsletter signup and a social media feature to boost engagement with clients and keep your practice top-of-mind

Click here to see this design in action.

General Veterinary Website Example 3

Animal hospital veterinary website design

This website design speaks imagery right from the start. The warm and soothing tones instantly pull you in. By utilizing large type and high-quality images with minimal text, the user is drawn to the book an appointment button. The classic website navigation menu makes it effortless for clients to see the practice’s services, online store, and a patient center where they can fill out forms and make payments. 

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Want to explore this design? Click here.

General Veterinary Website Example 4

best veterinary websites

This is how you make a great first impression! On the homepage, there is a video. Videos are notable for capturing a user’s attention and are very engaging. According to a Forbes report, users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos. 

Visitors can make appointments quickly with this design. Under the video, you will find feature blocks that increase conversions, since they enable visitors to call the practice, book an appointment, explore their services and download any forms. 

Want to see the design? Click here.

Feline Veterinary Website Designs 

Your clients are searching online for a vet that they can trust to care for their feline. It’s important to have a veterinary website design that showcases who you are, what you do, your specialization, and what you offer. Here are three examples of websites designed for veterinarians who specialize in cat care.

Want to see more feline web designs? Explore our feline veterinary website gallery.

Feline Veterinary Website Example 1

Here’s a website design that will appeal to pet owners that love their furry cat friends. Brooklyn is a great option if you want a website with more muted, grey colors. 

If your practice is getting stellar reviews definitely show that off on your website. This design has space on the homepage devoted to showing some of the latest comments from clients. The black and white contrast in that section looks clean-cut and professional. To not over clutter the homepage with too many visuals this design encompasses icons for the services page menu.

Learn more about Brooklyn Feline Design here

Feline Veterinary Website Example 2

Best Feline Veterinary Website Designs

This design, image, and logo make it clear to the reader that this practice cares for cats. In addition, the layout is simple with a font that is easy to read, evenly spaced, and does not overwhelm the visitors. While scrolling through the homepage, users can read and see pictures about the practice, the doctors, staff members, and learn more about their services. 

You can learn more about this design here.

Feline Veterinary Website Example 3

cat veterinary website designs

This design is simple, yet professional. A white background gives this page a clean, fresh look. A headline like “Your Neighborhood Feline Vet” creates a welcoming sense of community. The top menu is straightforward and if the user scrolls they will find the hours of operation, client reviews, and the practice phone number that follows you throughout the website, making for a pleasant browsing experience

See how this design looks in action by clicking here

Feline Veterinary Website Example 4

best cat website designs for veterinarians

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this veterinary image shows a loving cat owner spending time with their furry friend. Your vet website should include faces because they help viewers engage with your services and add visual interest to your site, keeping them there longer. 

Additionally, there are images paired with each of the vet services like dental, spaying, neutering, vaccines, declawing, and more. By clicking on the image the user will be directed to a page that contains educational content on that specific topic. Throughout the site, visitors will see CTAs designed to help boost conversions. 

Click here to explore this design.

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Equine Veterinary Website Designs

Your animal hospital focuses on treating and caring for horses. This means you understand that having an image of horses outside their stable roaming around is what a typical equine owner sees every day. Remember, you want to create a personal connection with the visitor. Here are three equine website designs that feature engaging content. 

Check out our equine website gallery

Equine Veterinary Website Example 1

Something to consider for your website design is leaving space for solid headlines. This design is called Acadia, and it has an area for two headlines. This gives you an opportunity to get creative with copy that will get your visitor’s attention. This veterinary website design has a simple, classic layout that is user-friendly. While some websites put more of an emphasis on imagery this one has more space for text instead.

Represent your practice and unique services with a website that supports your team’s work. Keeping the layout simple can work to your advantage. After all, many will skim the site quickly and decide within seconds if they will call your practice to make an appointment.

Users on this website can quickly navigate to the main categories and enter their zip code to get directions to the clinic.

Preview Acadia Design Here

Equine Veterinary Website Example 2

Get a website design that transports visitors to an equine farm with horses. Capture a little bit of the sunshine and warmth with the Sedona website design. This earthy design has a color scheme with rich, earthy tones of browns and golds. 

Plus, this website covers all the basics you want to have including a call to action button front and center. This design includes portrait shots to highlight veterinary assistants devoted to caring for horses.

Take a look at the Sedona website here

Equine Veterinary Website Example 3

best equine veterinary website designs for your practice

Attention is immediately drawn to the brilliance and vivid graphic of the foal and adult horse. There is a clear appointment scheduler button, which increases the chances of converting a user into a new client. A horse owner can learn more about the staff and doctors while scrolling, which can help them decide whether to make an appointment. 

Click here to explore this website.

Equine Veterinary Website Example 4

top veterinary website designs for equine practices

Throughout this design, you’ll be surrounded by warm colors that evoke sunsets, creating a soothing ambiance. The button is visible, making it easy for new or existing clients to schedule their appointments. Attract more clients with a testimonial section to showcase what happy clients are saying about your practice.

See this design in action here.

Mobile Veterinary Website Designs 

As a mobile veterinarian, your clients love how flexible and convenient it is to get their pets treated right from home. Your website should do the same. Here are three examples of mobile veterinary websites that provide a stress-free, user-friendly experience.

Visit our gallery to view more mobile veterinary websites.

Mobile Veterinary Website Example 1 – Sierra

What makes a great home page? On mobile devices, a simpler homepage tends to work much better than a busier homepage. VetMatrix newest website design, Sierra, is modern but evokes warmth and features an adorable photo of a happy pet and his kid owner. The menu bar will pop on mobile devices in navy blue. Visitors will be able to scroll down to see the most important menu buttons. Plus, to add a personal touch practices may add professional bio pictures of their veterinarian staff.

Click here to see Sierra’s mobile veterinary website.

Mobile Veterinary Website Example 2

mobile veterinary website designs

A relaxing graphic on this homepage puts visitors at ease. The logo at the top shows that this clinic cares for cats, dogs, and other small animals. Users can find more information about their services at the top of the page by clicking on the ‘services’ tab. This makes it an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Click here to see this mobile veterinary website.

Mobile Veterinary Website Example 3

Pet owners consider their furry friends a part of their family. Your website must convey a feeling of trust, friendliness, and love. This homepage graphic is warm and inviting, directing visitor’s attention to the happy clients featured on the page.

It’s easy to book an appointment for a new client or an existing patient. Engage users with relevant content on the resources tab this will help educate them and answers any questions they might have. 

This design can be seen here.

 Mobile Veterinary Website Example 4

The homepage graphic and clean copy highlight the benefits of having a veterinarian come to you. The white space between the CTA button and the header,  makes it stand out and attract more clients. The top services are listed below the CTA, which directs the user to learn more about that service. Remember, a pet owner should be able to find answers on your site easily. 

Check out this site here.

Exotic Veterinary Website Designs

Vet clinics that care exclusively for exotic pets need to differentiate their brand accordingly. Clients searching for an exotic veterinarian want to make sure their unique friend gets taken care of with love. Here are three website designs that showcase that.

Check out our exotic veterinary website gallery to see more designs.

Exotic Veterinary Website Example 1

Exotic Veterinary Website Design

This image and its bold colors along with its headline instantly engage users and tell them exactly what type of veterinary care you offer. The phone number is bolded on the top right corner, and the contact us button is given a different color so that it stands out and attracts clients.  

Learn more about this design here.

Exotic Veterinary Website Example 2

Exotic Veterinary Website Design

The logo at the left indicates that all unique companion animals are cared for at this practice. The homepage follows that message by including images of an iguana, rabbit, tortoise, hamster, and other unique pets. This site helps to increase social media engagement by listing Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp accounts. 

See this site in action by clicking here.

Exotic Veterinary Website Example 3

Exotic Veterinary Website Design

The prospective client searching for a veterinarian that specializes in exotic care wants to see a website that not only displays these qualities but also shows that they can provide the best care for their pet. 

That’s what this website does. The pet patient holding their furry friend while smiling creates a welcoming and loving feel. Next to the services, the online store at the top menu will generate more revenue and make it easier for clients to purchase products for their unique animals. 

Click here to explore this design.

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Having these features on your website will leave a lasting impression and lead to more appointments. If you need help designing your veterinary website click here or contact us at 888.792.8384

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