Chiropractic Keywords: 3 Easy Steps to Rank for the Right Ones

In SEO optimization, you must use the right SEO keywords to drive organic traffic to your website. As experts in chiropractic care, it’s not enough that your website is equipped with information about the chiropractic treatment you offer. It would be best to be strategic with the chiropractic keywords you use to rank higher in search engine websites like Google. It also increases your chances of getting new patients.

So how exactly do you find the right keyword to use for your chiropractic website? This article will discuss the three easy steps you can take to make your online marketing efforts more effective. In turn, when your potential patients search for the best chiropractor online, your chiropractic website will have a high ranking position in search results.

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Steps to Find the Right Chiropractic SEO Keywords for Your Practice

Let’s dive into our top 3 tips to help your practice rank better for valuable keywords: 

Step #1: Conduct Keyword Research

When choosing the specific keywords you want to focus on for your website, you must first learn which words are the most relevant to your specific target audience, which is potential chiropractic patients. Basically, you should put yourself in the shoes of your possible new patients. For example, what would you search for on Google if you’re experiencing back pain?

It’s not enough to use just one keyword to increase your online ranking. You need a good volume of keywords related to your chiropractic services and chiropractic care in general.

It’s also important you use keywords of relatively low difficulty. Why? Essentially, keyword difficulty shows how hard it is to rank for a specific keyword against another website attempting to rank for the same term.

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If you’re competing with many other practices using the same chiropractic SEO keywords, it can be tough to rank higher in search results. Thus, it would be best if you were more specific. It will also help if you highlight the chiropractic treatment you’re best known for.

The keywords you choose should be valuable to your website and what potential new patients are searching for online in your industry. For example, you can use terms like neck or lower back pain, auto injury treatment, back pain relief, and chiropractic adjustment.

Another strategy you can try is to search for patients’ intent. Search intent is essentially the term used to describe the reason why a person is conducting their search. For example, you might consider what a user is hoping to find through their search query and you can learn more about it!

Once you figure out their intent, you should tailor your web pages to make sure users get to find the information they’re looking for on your chiropractic website.

Step #2: Check Out What the Local Competition is Doing

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Are you aware of what the other chiropractors in your local area are doing to rank higher for similar keywords or phrases? To find out what your competitors are doing, you can conduct a quick Google search. This will allow you to see what terms their practice focuses on as far as their web pages are concerned.

When monitoring your competition, what exactly should you be looking at? You should check the following:

  • Their URLs – some keywords are incorporated in their website URL. In case you’re not aware, a URL is the address of a web page.
  • What type of content is ranking – which pages are the most popular on the website? Is it their service page or the blog posts?
  • Title tags – how are they using key terms in their web page titles? Basically, a title tag is an HTML code tag that allows you to give a web page a title.  You can find this in the browser title bar, and the search engine results pages (SERP). This SEO strategy can help websites ranking higher on online searches.
  • Meta descriptions – what keywords do they use in their descriptions? A meta description is essentially an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines.

Aside from conducting a good ol’ Google search, there are other SEO tools you can use to analyze your competitors’ websites. These include:

  • Ahrefs – This is an all-in-one SEO toolset, with free learning materials and a passionate community & support. They can help optimize your website and even track your progress.
  • Moz – This is an all-in-one SEO toolset that does keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis.
  • SEM Rush – This popular SEO toolset analyzes the data for you. It gives you instant recommendations on SEO, content marketing, and advertising that can help you improve your online visibility in days.
  • Wordstream Free SEO Tool – This toolset makes it fast and easy to find the keywords your business needs to drive traffic through organic and paid searches.

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Step #3: Create Compelling Content that Focuses on Your Targeted Keywords 

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It’s not enough to use chiropractic keywords all over your website to rank higher on Google. Their algorithm is smarter than that. Once you’ve done your research and have found the keywords you want to work on, you need to create content that will help your website possibly land on the first page in the search results of Google.

How exactly do you go about this? First, you can try the strategic keyword placement on your service pages. When talking about your top chiropractic services, you need to include phrases and key terms related to your keywords. You should spread out the phrases strategically. The quality of the content should not be compromised just because you want to include a certain number of words on the page.

Another popular marketing tactic is blog posts. Through interesting and valuable blog post content, you can focus on the benefits of trusting pain management to chiropractors. You can even give tips on how people can manage their lower back pain.

When thinking of blog post topics, think of the chiropractic concerns your clients might be looking for. You can then dish out free advice on how to manage them better. It’s important that you include details such as your contact number and office address in some of your blog posts for your readers’ reference. It’s also essential that you recommend that the best solution is to get the treatment done by chiropractors like you.

What kind of products are you marketing? You can use the commercial tools you recommend for neck pain or other common chiropractic care concerns. However, you must highlight that these tools are for certain cases only. Of course, the best solution would be getting chiropractic treatment from your practice.

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Bonus Tip: Utilize Videos on Social Media

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In the digital age, most people are on their phones. You should take advantage of this by creating videos that display your expertise in chiropractic care.  Think of the common pain points patients suffer from.

For example, you can film videos of how chiropractors deal with back pain. You can then post the video on your website and social media. It would help if you used the right keyword in your caption, so the audience would know more about the services you offer.

Bear in mind the quality of the video you’re posting. It should be compatible with different kinds of phones. You should also post links to your website as a strategy to generate more organic traffic.

You can also try making visually compelling infographics. People love learning fun facts about things. For example, you can talk about the number of clients you’ve serviced or the benefits of going to a chiropractor. You also don’t want to overload people with information, so it would be best to keep it simple. You can post this type of content on your social media pages as well.

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If you’re not familiar with the intricate practices of SEO, it can be difficult to implement these strategies into your website. As a chiropractor, you already have a lot on your plate. However, we can do it for you. For more information on adding SEO to your marketing strategy, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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