10 Best Chiropractic Website Designs for 2023

What are some of the ideal chiropractic website designs? As a business owner, you understand how important it is to have a chiropractic website that generates leads and looks professional.

A website provider like Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy is what businesses typically turn to when they want to create a website. But, choosing to do so puts all of the responsibility to create a website on your plate. 

Working with a chiropractic marketing company like ChiroMatrix gives you the opportunity to have a website that is tailored especially to your practice and what it needs. 

Well-designed chiropractic websites work for you even when you’re not in the office. Watch as your site helps to attract more of your ideal patients to your practice for your top services.

Continue reading to learn about our best chiropractic website designs. View the gallery here to see which chiropractic website design is best suited for your practice.

Screenshot of the homepages of the chiropractic website templates

Design #1 A Family-Oriented Website Design

As a practitioner in the chiropractic industry, your services are capable of having a meaningful impact on your patients’ lives. Drawing on the inspiration of family during a patient’s road to recovery on your website is a great idea. Acadia is certainly one of the best chiropractic websites that does just that.

Chiropractors heal patients and better their lives every day with a variety of therapeutic services. So make sure your website conveys that. This design features an adorable image of a mother and her child with the powerful words, “Take Your First Steps On The Road To Recovery.” This is a powerful message that also adds a personal touch, demonstrating how much your practice cares about its patients.

Not to mention this site has great space to provide an amazing bio about your chiropractic practice. Maybe your practice is the oldest in your neighborhood or you are a chiropractor from another country that opened a practice. Whatever the story maybe if you want to share it this design leaves you with plenty of space to effectively do so.

If your chiropractic website has a stellar blog section for your SEO strategy then highlight this in your website design as well.


Design #2 Inspire Patients to Live Pain-Free Lives

Patients can feel empowered after receiving their chiropractic treatment. So play off this by incorporating a delightful image of a patient enjoying outdoor activities. Sierra, personal injury design is inspiring and adventurous.

While most chiropractic websites incorporate shades of blue, Sierra uses rich red colors instead. Blue is often associated with the healthcare and medical industries. Red in contrast has warmth and is more commonly seen being used within the food industry.

However, here the use of the color red is complemented appropriately with the image of a woman happily kayaking in the fall season. This is a design that is sure to stand out and send a positive message to online audiences. So give this new website a try and encourage healthy habits in your community.

Just remember your website should have a good amount of regular traffic indicating it is attracting new clients. While also providing current and potential patients with clear information they are searching for about your chiropractic care. A practical, yet stylish design featuring valuable chiropractic content, simple navigation, and high-quality imagery are all important elements to keep in mind.


Design #3 Elevate Your Website With a Fitness-Oriented Aesthetic

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blog_carmel_preview-1024x536-1.jpg

The best chiropractic websites entice potential patients to schedule an appointment right away. The call-to-action (CTA) should be visible upon first glance on your homepage just like in this design called Carmel.

Think about the patients your chiropractic practice currently attracts the most. For example, patients who are injured due to a labor-intensive job or physical activity. Or if you have a lot of athletes visiting your practice then this is the perfect design for you.

This design includes several images of fitness and exercise to appeal to physically active patients. Modern look and theme, interesting wow factor here is the way the navigation bar floats on the homepage.

In this design, when a visitor scrolls down on the homepage you can see a menu with more images on other pages. A section for lifestyle and nutrition, spinal adjustments, and therapeutic massage. These pages include content on your chiropractic website that improves search engine optimization.

Why is it so important to include a Google map on your practice website? Google Maps right away helps a potential client determine how close they are to your chiropractic office. Location is key so if you are in a great spot in your area draw some attention to that by including this feature on your website.


Design #4 Inspire Patients With An Adventurous Website

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blog_sedona_preview-1024x536-1.jpg

Your practice’s website should be professional and health-oriented. However, don’t be afraid to try something bold as well. Here, we have a chiropractic website design called Sedona that has a breathtaking landscape on the homepage.

What do you see? The warm colors in this design and images convey adventure and ambition. Patients living life to the fullest and maintaining a free-spirited attitude. It’s a great message to your patients that they overcome any injuries and enjoy physical activities with your practice’s help.

This landscape theme inspires your patients and definitely stands out from other chiropractic websites. If you want your practice to have a more lively and colorful online presence give this design a try.


Design #5 Attract More Patients With a Pop of Color

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blog_aspen_preview-1024x536-1.jpg

Ensuring you have a high-performing chiropractic website is possibly the most important component of your online marketing efforts. So what other factors do you want to consider for your website design? Take a look at the chiropractic website’s color scheme.

You can attract more patients with a homepage that has a captivating color scheme like the one on Aspen’s design. This design uses different shades of yellow to get visitors’ attention right away. By adding a pop of color to your website you not only stand out against other local competitors but your website has a fresh and inviting look and feel.

It’s important to note that the call-to-action (CTA) button is very visible, in this example it says see “Explore Our Services.” This copy is also inviting and flows well with the overall design. This is a great example of a color scheme that draws in the eyes to where they should go and convert visitors into patients.

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Design #6 – High-Quality, Image-Focused Design to Increase Scheduled Appointments

Screenshot of the Brooklyn website template

It may be cliche, but an image is truly worth a thousand words. Brooklyn’s design’s homepage immediately captures the attention of the website visitor. In this design, the images display a patient receiving an adjustment, the most popular service for a chiropractor. 

You want your website to have images that display what a chiropractic treatment would look like. After all, chiropractors relieve their patient’s pain.

The image on the right attracts new patients with its dimensional infographics of the spine. Images tell the story of what chiropractic treatments would look like for new patients who have never had an appointment before. They help your practice to successfully inform and engage with more patients.

It’s important that your patients know and understand the type of health services that your practice offers. With an ‘explore services’ button directly in the center, you are bound to get more users inquiring about your services. 

This gives visitors the opportunity to easily view your services (adjustments, massage therapy, personal, sports, accident injury, etc.) in just one click. 

Get a website with content blocks full of important chiropractic information, and images that wow patients at first glance. Custom websites that tailor to a practice’s needs are our specialty. So your practice can attract the perfect patient for you.


Design #7 –  A Vivid, Three-Dimensional Video That Will Engage Patients 

Screenshot of the Harrisburg website template

Sometimes the best chiropractic websites are the ones that are the most unique. To do that try incorporating videos into your chiropractic website. In the Harrisburg website design, an innovative, dimensional video displays a spinal graphic front and center on the homepage. This design idea really pops and gives your website a fresh and modern feel.

Firstly, users are more likely to be engaged in your clinic’s website and take action by scheduling an appointment. Remember videos are an excellent way to get website visitors to stay on your chiropractic website for as long as possible. 

According to Hubspot, in the past few years, the amount of online videos people watch has doubled. Marketers see a positive return on investment as it encourages growth in leads and sales as well as audience understanding. 

In a nutshell, video integration is an amazing tool to help increase your conversions. As users enter your site, they are fascinated by the video. Then when they continue to scroll, they’ll learn more about your chiro clinic, and see what services you offer.

A wow factor in this particular website design is the interactive spine simulator. Prospect chiropractic patients can use the simulator to learn about chiropractic treatments.

Users are more likely to be engaged in your clinic’s website and take action by scheduling an appointment. Plus, videos are an excellent way to get website visitors to stay on your chiropractic websites for as long as possible. 


Design #8 – Display Online Booking Forms Front and Center

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blog_image_3-1024x536-1.jpg

The main goal of chiropractic offices is to be the best in their area by booking the most appointments and providing quality services. A good website will entice potential patients to get straight to scheduling an appointment and filling out online forms. Harrisburg Design does just that. All online forms are clear and straightforward.

It also allows them to quickly access important forms to be conveniently filled out before their appointment. Instant access to information is important for today’s users and this template is perfect for providing them with just that. Having a high-performing website is one main component of online marketing efforts.

It emphasizes how you provide chiropractic treatments with a brief description. So patients understand all of your specialties and what conditions you can treat.


Design #9 – Incorporate a Carousel Images

Screenshot of the Venice website template

What is the main priority of your website? Book more appointments online. After all, this means more money. What’s the biggest mistake your website can make? A website with too many navigation errors or appearing too busy can distort an online visitor’s vision and make them click away.

If you want to make sure you have a functional website that lays out all the most important information for new patients, then the Venice design will suit your chiropractic office. This simple layout includes a carousel of images demonstrating what chiropractors do for their patients. This curates an effective first impression to website visitors.

Access to information like your contact and features services should be effortless for users to find and this homepage does just that. A great web designer understands how to get information across to potential clients without overloading the eye.

As users scroll to the right side of the screen, they’ll see an introduction video about the various services offered at your chiropractic practice. Upon further scrolling down a map showing your hours of operation, testimonials, and educational chiropractic content is also displayed. 

Design #10 –  Highlight Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle

Screenshot of the Albany website template

Does your chiropractic practice primarily focus on improving the overall health and wellness of your patients through services like massage or functional medicine? This design inspiration for Albany is to promote a healthy lifestyle for patients.

It includes a peaceful image of women in a yoga class on the homepage that will resonate with potential patients. Incorporating images of physical exercises that can help a patient’s spine or other injuries is generally a great idea. There are menu items on other pages about optimal health services like nutrition, stress management, and women’s health.

This design also uses a fun fix of colors incorporating traditional blue shades seen in most health-related services websites and logos as well as a fun coral color. This color is very unique and really gives the design a youthful and feminine touch.

The social media feature lets users know that you are active on popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. By highlighting your social media this way you show patients that your practice is interested in interacting with your followers. These marketing efforts improve your online presence to attract more new patients.

This simple and refreshing design also features a review widget where users will see your Google rating and what patients are saying about you. 

59 percent of consumers use Google to read reviews. 


Positive reviews are now essential for decision-making. People want to hear about the experiences of others before they decide to go into a local business. More positive reviews equal more leads.


Let ChiroMatrix Design Your Website With the Look and Feel You Want

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Whether your website needs a slight refresh or a total overhaul, we have plenty of chiropractic websites for your chiropractic practice to choose from.

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