6 Do's and Don'ts for Video Testimonials

Whether spoken, written, or on video, a client testimonial goes a long way to vouch for your business. Testimonials instill a real sense of confidence in an existing or a potential client. They provide valid arguments in favor of your service from real people and justify what you say about your business.

This public sponsorship speaks for your business in ways that you can’t. Video testimonials are particularly valuable because they present a real person who has benefited from your service and they humanize your business.

Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text results.
-aimClear, August 2012

As previously explained by Jamie and Eunice in How to Ask for a Video Testimonial, asking a client to film a video testimonial is often seen as an uncomfortable event. After you have gathered the moxy to ask a client to advocate for your business, this can beg many further questions pertaining to preparation and filming… now what? Below is a list of 6 do’s and don’ts to best prepare yourself for the on-site shoot.

Do Prepare

Preparation is vital. What do you want your final product to look like? Do you want one client in front of the camera or do you want to compile a video full of multiple testimonials?

Do Have Questions Ready

What do you want your client to say? Asking a question does not always lead to your desired answer. Prepare quote-worthy and event instigating questions that encourage clients to ethically recount their experience and represent your services.

Do Keep Your Final Product in Mind

While you have your client’s time ensure that you capture all of the necessary audio and b-roll footage. What is your video going to be used for? What footage needs to be captured to meet this goal?

Don’t Have Too Many People on Film

While this is case by case, having multiple people in a video can detract from its overall goal. If two owners want to be filmed, will one do all of the taking while another sits idly by? Do their answers and interactions complement one another?

Don’t Immediately Ask Loaded Questions

Despite agreeing to film a video, some of your clients will be camera shy. Create a comfortable atmosphere by starting the conversation with questions. Who are they and why did they come to your business are good starters.

Don’t Have Uninformative Content

While sincere, having a client explain your business is the best may not be the most descriptive information. You want your testimonial to recount their unique experience.

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At the end of the day, the testimonial is to benefit your business. While there is no designated path to success, these tips can lead you in the correct direction. Ultimately, you know your company and branding best. Have fun with filming and interacting with your client! This will further strengthen your existing relationship, as well as invite new ones.

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