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Having stellar online reviews is a necessary part of running a successful practice. More than 80% of people looking for businesses look at reviews before making a decision. Asking patients for reviews is now part of the normal way practices need to do business, but being consistent and actually getting your patients to leave reviews can be a very time-consuming and painful process.

You’ve got your business listed on all social platforms and are ready to get some reviews, but keeping track of every platform you’ve created and being timely in answering customer questions is not as easy as it sounds.

That’s why we’ve improved our Reputation Management solution with Intelligent Reviews to build the definitive platform to not only manage and compare your review score with competitors but actively grow your number and quantity of reviews with much less effort than ever before.

A Frictionless Way of Asking for and Receiving Reviews

Chasing down patients to confirm their appointments is already a huge drain of resources for many practices, so when it comes to asking for reviews, oftentimes it becomes the last thing on a busy practice’s priority list.

That’s when Intelligent Reviews comes in. Our new solution lets you automatically send review solicitations to your patients after their visit so that they get reminded to leave their feedback in a timely manner and take the burden off you and your staff.

This means you can passively solicit and grow your online reviews without having to do much effort on your part. Just set a timeframe after their visit, whether you want to send an email, text message request or both and our system will take care of the rest.

Choose Your Favorite Platforms and Prioritize Reviews

The hardest part of any initiative is starting and we often get asked “Is it best to have more reviews on your Google My Business Page, Facebook or Yelp?”

The honest answer is that all of these platforms should be maintained and nurtured when it comes to reviews. That’s why our Intelligent Reviews solution lets you choose the specific platforms you want your patients to leave reviews on and set a specific percentage of reviews you want to send to each platform.

This means that customers will be directed to the platforms you want more reviews on. You can allocate them yourself or have our automated system take care of it for you.

Showcase Reviews on Your Website

What good is working hard to build up reviews if you can’t show them off, right? Having receipts, or in this case –social proof– is evidence that your patients really love what you do and can help convince potential patients visiting your website that working with your practice is the right move for them. 

Our included reviews widget embeds right into your website, and comes with a variety of customizable display styles to give your website a more personalized touch. 

This means you get an opportunity to highlight your best reviews at every point of your patient’s online journey.

Ready To Get More Reviews?

Our revamped Reputation Management Solution with Intelligent Reviews is now available. Are you ready to get more 5-Star reviews for your practice?  

Schedule a free consultation with our digital marketing experts now and get ready to improve your online reputation. Give us a call at 800.792.8384 or click here to get started.

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Author: Juan Mejia

Juan Mejia is an experienced content creator with more than a decade of multimedia storytelling experience. He’s worked as a journalist, content writer and video editor in the technology, healthcare and digital marketing industries. Juan writes ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and other multimedia content for iMatrix, providing expert knowledge in digital content marketing.

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