Retain Clients Through In Person Veterinary Marketing

To retain clients, you will need to provide proactive care and exceptional customer service. But where, exactly, do you start? In this article, we’ll go over easy client care tactics and in-person marketing techniques that will help you ensure a new client becomes a loyal client at your veterinary practice.

Offer Resources

Having resources available for clients can help give them something to read in the lobby during their first visit. But it can also be a tool to leverage even before they step into your office!

Imagine this: A client calls to make an appointment for their new puppy’s first veterinary visit. They may even be first time pet owners. During the conversation, they ask your staff the questions they’ve written down about their upcoming visit and your team happily answer them. However, while they may not know it, there may be more questions that come up after the call.

How to Leverage A First Vet Visit To Retain Clients Through In Person Veterinary MarketingTo be proactive, you staff offers to email the client a tip sheet on what to expect from their first veterinary visit so that he or she can reference it at any time before the big day. Not only does the client have all of the information they thought they needed, they also have some great tips on topics they may not have even considered. To put this scenario into practice, download our free veterinary tip sheet here!

This simple action shows your client that you are knowledgeable, prepared, and willing to take the time to ensure they feel informed. You can also post this information to your website and send  the client a link to the post if he or she doesn’t want it sent directly to their inbox.

Get Familiar

During your new client’s first vet visit, make it a point to get to know both the human and their furry friend. Jot down notes about the pet so that you can brief yourself before subsequent visits. This may include the animal’s personality, where the pet’s origins were, or their favorite toys and treats. The owner will appreciate your attention to detail and feel that you truly care about their pet upon their next appointment. Remember, good marketing and customer service are ongoing commitments.

Personally thank the owner for their visit and address him or her by name. After the visit, send either an electronic or printed “thank you” note to thank them for choosing your business. You can also include your contact and social media information in the note. Below is an example of a quick and easy “thank you” note template.

And don’t let it stop there! Consider sending out appointment reminder cards or emails regularly to remind the client of an upcoming vet visit or shots visit. These simple cards can continue to keep your clinic on their mind when it comes to their vet needs.

Thank you for visiting VetMatrix Veterinary Clinic! We are so happy to have you and Scooby as clients.

From our family to yours, we’re wishing you a happy and healthy week!

The next time you need us, we’re here for you. To contact us, call 555-555-5555 or visit

Let’s Be Friends!

Encourage Engagement

After you’ve finished the appointment and have provided your new clients with excellent care, ask your happy customers to like your Facebook page or leave you a review on your preferred platform. This can happen in the office right after their visit as you’re walking out of the exam room, during check out, or in a follow up email. You can even add a sign in your office from each review site with the needed information to reiterate the sentiment! About 88% of consumers report that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Make sure those reviews are positive!
Engagement on social media and other online platforms will help boost your business’s ranking on search engine results pages.This means it is more likely that prospective clients will find practice when they’re searching for businesses like yours.

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