How to Maintain Consistency in Your Content Marketing

By now, you’ve probably accepted the importance of original content as part of your practices’ online marketing strategy. While few can argue the importance of having such content, many do not take the frequency of publishing into consideration. The consistency at which you publish new content is almost as important as the quality of the content itself! If you are only focusing on the creation side of things and have not put much thought into how and when that content is shared, you might be short changing your hard work.

Why Frequency Matters

socialIf your content is not consistently published, then you are not fully using all the opportunities to connect with your target audience. For instance, if you rarely update your business’s social media profiles, your followers will likely lose interest or even forget about your pages so that when you do post, it will be seen by a smaller audience. With consistent, engaging, and useful content shared on a regular basis, you can better speak to your target audiences’ main concerns, build connections, and position your business to be at the top of their minds when they search for your product or services online.
Search engines also like to see frequent and consistent updates and improvements to your website’s pages. Adding a new piece of content monthly with larger page overhauls done on a quarterly basis, will show search engines that you are making a concerted effort to continuously improve your website, which can result in higher organic ranking on the  results pages.

Create a Consistent Content Plan

Do you have an office manager or employee you can trust to stay on top of your social media? Appoint them to frequently check in on your pages, respond to comments, and post regular updates. (If you need help in planning how often or when to post, check out our Social Media Calendar download.) This ensures your followers will get new and timely updates and forge regular connections with your brand. If you need a boost in creating content for your social pages, consider using a service such as our Social package, which keeps your social media pages active with regular posts.
Blog lettersIn addition to social media, ventures such as a blog, email newsletter, and of course, the pages of your website will need regular attention to keep up-to-date. If you are a solo practitioner, you may be the only expert at your practice who can speak to higher-level medical conditions. Plan what content topics are best left up to you to create, but also look to your support staff for where they can help. Junior staff members may be able to create blog posts about local events that tie into your services and are of interest to your clients or patients, while your office manager might be able to transcribe your lecture notes or CE presentations into educational content for your website. Whatever you do, make sure the content is speaking to your audiences’ needs – if they find it uninteresting or unhelpful, it’s not likely to receive much engagement.

Share It!

Regular content creation is absolutely essential, but it’s almost meaningless if you are not making an effort to share and distribute it. After all, the main goal is to use that content to connect with your audience and improve your rankings. Get your content seen by encouraging sharing on social media, sending emails linked to your most recent blog post, and making sure your website fully reflects your services and products.
Content creation and distribution may be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Taking the time to develop and execute a strategy that includes consistency in your content publication, will help your practice reap the rewards of increased engagement and furthered reach.

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