Making a Marketing Plan for 2015

A new year means a new start and that includes your business. That’s more than just sentiment too. Unless you’re in the retail sector, the last quarter of the year is traditionally the slowest and the first quarter is often one of the best. In online marketing, a lot of this is due to simple search volume. Put relevant search terms for your business into Google Trends and chances are you’ll see a very clear downturn in the number of people looking for your services in November and December and then a sudden spike in January. This is particularly true if you are in the wellness industry.
The question for businesses therefore is how do I make sure that 2015 is the year I take advantage of this spike and make a real difference to my business?
Job number one is making sure all of these new customers can find you. That means making sure your SEO is in tip top shape. Check your content, including title tags, structured data, and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency,  to make sure they are sending the right signals. Google Trends can be a great tool for this. Check the popularity of search terms in your local area, tailor your content accordingly. You should also make sure you look through your Google Webmaster tools, check the search queries that you’re currently seeing an average rank of between 8 – 20 on and make sure you create content for it. Since you’re already ranking well for them you can see very quick results with a few well optimized content pieces.
Google Webmaster tools is useful for much more than just that though.
In 2014, Google flat out said they would be promoting mobile friendly sites in results for the growing mobile search market, so if your site isn’t mobile responsive then you’re already behind the curve. Make sure you update your site to a responsive design for 2015 and then keep a close eye on your webmaster tools. You may see this appear:

Google Webmaster Tools

This new mobile usability reporting tool is being rolled out slowly by Google and can give you valuable insights into how well you are doing adopting this technology.
Once a client has found your website you also want to make it as easy as possible for them to become a customer. Use the language that people are searching for on your website and people are more likely to decide you have what they’re looking for. If you’re using PPC or some other form of advertising make sure you tailor landing pages to the different ad-groups you’re running. If you’re an optometrist running a contact lens promotion, then make sure you have a separate landing page for it, don’t point those customers to your homepage. Make sure that your contact details are displayed prominently on every page of your website as well. If possible, you should have button acting as a direct link to a contact form available on every page too.

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Plans for 2015 don’t have to be based on guesses as to what the year will bring. Best practices for the foreseeable future will be the same as they have been for 2014. Provide good quality content, keep your web design up to date with technology and make sure you’re offering what people are looking for.

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