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One of the main goals for every practitioner is to have a steady stream of booked appointments. Making it easier for patients to schedule appointments online and streamlining the booking review process for your staff is an important step in order to get more qualified visits to your practice.

We see many practices spend a lot of resources processing raw data coming from basic online forms on their website and struggle getting a hold of patients to confirm appointment requests.

Whether it’s a receptionist playing phone tag with an unresponsive patient or simply determining a provider and patients’ mutual availability, it’s a very time consuming process for both your practice and your patients.

That’s why we’ve created a streamlined online booking solution that removes the grunt work involved in qualifying and processing appointments and makes it easy to manage it all in one place so that practitioners can focus on running their business.

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A New Way to Get More Bookings Online

In this day and age, connecting with potential customers online and letting them book appointments wherever they find you is a necessity that will only become more and more important in the future as both patients and practices form closer relationships online.

We’ve seen practices implementing an online booking solution for their practice get an increase of at least 30% in appointment requests when compared to using traditional appointment request forms by providing a diverse set of patient-friendly features.

Our online booking solution lets you show patients your available times and allows them to request appointments easily online with an integrated booking widget that adapts to your practice’s needs.

Patients visiting your website will be able to see a real-time calendar with each provider’s availability and select a reason for their visit so they can complete their appointment requests more easily.

Online booking example showing booking dashboard.

Additionally, you can let patients request appointments straight from your Facebook page or Google My Business profile to give patients more opportunities to request an appointment wherever they find your practice.

You can also track the sources that brought in the appointment on your booking dashboard so you can understand the platforms where your patient booking requests are coming from.

A Seamless Online Booking Experience

Practices regularly tell us that online appointments play a huge role in filling out their booking calendar, but processing unorganized data from web forms, following up with patients, and checking provider availability can be a huge headache when trying to find the best-qualified patients.

With our online booking solution, we’ve made it easy and simple for you to see, review and approve appointments you receive from a single dashboard. All while giving your patients the best possible online booking experience and confidence in your practice.

Illustration showing automated email notifications.

You’ll receive an email notification every time a request is made whether it was made via your website, Facebook or Google My Business page with a link to your dashboard so you can stay on top of your bookings as they come in. 

A Flexible Calendar that Adapts to Your Practice’s Needs

Every office is unique, and while you may offer a wide variety of services, you or your co-practitioners may not be available to see patients at all times.

Additionally, overbooking busy times where your practice is at capacity and can’t see any more patients can make you lose out on business.

We’ve set out to create a way for you to take care of just that. Our online booking feature lets you create a calendar just for your practice where you can select custom times for each practitioner based on their availability. The system will automatically check their booked times and won’t show those slots on the calendar to patients.

Patient view of online booking dashboard.

This means that patients can request to see a specific doctor at a specific date for a specific reason right away when submitting their appointment request and choose only from your pre-approved time slots to make sure you can actually see them, and avoid double bookings.

In turn, you can avoid hotspots by blocking out regular busy times, lunch breaks or office closures. Talk about powerful!

Get The Most Out of Your Staff’s Time and Resources

Non-stop phone calls for the front-desk staff is a common sight at many busy practices. Chasing patients, confirming appointments or rescheduling double bookings can quickly eat into your staff’s time.

Our new booking solution lets you easily add different appointment types and durations for each of the services you provide so that patients can choose what type of care they need right from the start of the process.

This means that patients will only request to book time slots where you and your staff are available to treat them, making the whole process easier and more efficient for both your staff and your patients.

Various aspects of the online booking dashboard.

In short, online booking will let you:

  • Get more qualified appointments by integrating our booking widget directly into your website for a seamless patient experience.
  • Let patients see your real-time availability, choose providers and reason for their visit.
  • Create a powerful calendar that can be customized to fit your practice’s needs and specialties.
  • Reduce the time your staff spends processing bookings by setting appointment types with custom durations for your specialties.

Learn How You Can Improve Your Online Booking Experience Today

Our new Online Booking solution is now available. Are you ready to get more qualified appointments from your website? 

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