The Best Ophthalmology Website Designs For 2021

A revenue-driven ophthalmology practice knows how critical it is to have an effective website. The best ophthalmology websites attract new visitors and provide vital information about eye care. Designing a good site includes a functional layout, eye-catching colors, and engaging content.

Without these elements, your website will have a difficult time ranking in a high position on search engines like Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook, and more. Check out these examples of the best ophthalmology websites for 2021. Visit our gallery here to see the top designs.

best ophthalmology websites

Example 1: A Bright and Mesmerizing Video to Boost Patient Lead Conversion 

best ophthalmology website design for conversion

One of your best tools for driving conversions is your homepage. Videos are quickly taking over the web and are the future of online marketing. Homepage videos are great for conversions because the majority of those who see business videos will view them from a desktop computer. 

The homepage video of this ophthalmology website design immediately catches your attention. Users will then see a red CTA button that creates a sense of urgency and tells them to schedule an appointment. As you scroll down, you will learn more about the doctor and staff members. 

Next, you will see: contact us, online forms, make an appointment, and learn more (about the practice’s services). This makes it easy and convenient for patients to contact the practice or schedule an appointment right away. 

Click here to see this design in action.

Example 2: Hours and Location to Help Patients Quickly Find Your Practice 

best ophthalmology website design for quick hours

On this homepage, a patient is being examined for their eyes, and a request for an appointment button is prominent, which will help generate more bookings.

The practice’s phone number is displayed at the top right corner, making it easy to find. The social media button on the left is great for increasing engagement and connecting with patients. 

As the user scrolls, you will see the location and hours of operation. This helps patients locate your practice quickly. In case you have more than one location, this allows patients to choose the closest one to them.

Want to explore this design? Click here.

Example 3: A Logo and Headline that Leaves a Lasting Impression 

best ophthalmology website design for logos and headlines

It’s evident from the top left corner of the page that this is an eye care website with its logo. A great logo will entice new patients and create a lasting impression. 

The headline emphasizes the importance of healthy eye care to the user. “Make Your Eye Health a Priority,” since you want them to visualize themselves in your practice, you should use (you) in your website copy. By doing so, you create a cleaner sentence structure and more approachable content. 

Under the headline, users can book an appointment. The headline above the cta attracts the user’s attention, which will increase conversions.

You can learn more about this design here.

Example 4: Feature Your Services and Happy Patients to Get More Bookings

best ophthalmology websites showing happy patients

A good design for any ophthalmology website will emphasize their services. As you scroll down this website, you will see more eye care services. This will help new patients understand what your specialties are and assist current patients in booking appointments for specific treatments and conditions. 

Images not only add life to a website, but they also make it convert better. Take a look at the homepage image. The patient is smiling and engaging with the doctor. As a new user looking for an ophthalmologist, you would think the doctor takes time to educate their patients and provide great care. 

See how this design looks in action by clicking here. 

Example 5: High-Quality Graphics of Disorders, and Conditions to Help Patients Understand Your Specialty 

best ophthalmology website designs for high quality graphics

The website’s homepage graphic is eye-catching, attractive, and very high-quality. At the top, you’ll see the services, conditions, and disorders which is important because your patients want to understand what you treat or learn more information about a particular eye condition such as (corneal disorders, diabetic eye disease, dry eye, macular degeneration, retinal issues, retinal tears or vitreoretinal disorder. Each disorder and condition has a call-to-action (book an appointment) that helps turn users into patients. 

Click here to explore this design.

Example 6: Subtropical and Fun Layout Will Keep Users Coming Back For More 

best ophthalmology website designs for tropical cities

If your practice is located in Hawaii, California, or Florida this is the perfect website for you. Upon entering the site, the users will see a surfer looking straight ahead. Rather than schedule an appointment, users are prompted to explore services, which then leads to a what to expect page. 

The users will be able to see what type of specialties are treated at this practice, and where the office is located, allowing them to decide whether they want to visit your practice or not. 

Click here to view this design. 

Example 7: Include Photos of Doctor to Build Connections with Website Visitors 

best ophthalmology website designs for doctors

The vivid colors in the graphic draw your attention immediately. The layout is simple with a font that is readable, evenly spaced, and does not overwhelm the visitors. While scrolling through the homepage, users can see photos of the ophthalmology practice, the doctors, staff members, and learn more about their services. It is important to include these images so that new patients who read and see the photos of your staff will feel more at ease about visiting your practice.

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Example 8: Futuristic Website Design to Achieve High Conversion Rates 

best ophthalmology website designs for high conversion rates

The design of this ophthalmology website is unique. There is a technical, futuristic aspect to it that will make the user experience exceptional. The split homepage graphic makes the CTA stand out more and prevents it from getting lost in the graphic, which will help turn more visitors into patients. 

The practice name and phone number are displayed as soon as the user scrolls, increasing conversions and making it convenient for new patients and existing patients to contact the practice. 

See this design in action here.

Example 9: Social Media and Review Section to Increase Engagement and Attract More Patients 

best ophthalmology websites designs to highlight social media

With a layout like this, the pinks and teals make it feel fresh and clean. The social media feature shows that your practice is active online and likes to interact with other patients and followers. This will allow you to increase your engagement and potentially grow your following.

The review section will significantly increase conversions and build trust with new patients. 

95% of U.S. adults surveyed believe online doctor reviews and ratings are reliable.

Promote your 5-star patient reviews on your ophthalmology website to help new patients feel comfortable visiting your practice and generate more appointments. 

Explore the social media and review section here. 

Example 10: Display Images Effectively with a Staff Carousel and Let New Patients Meet Your Team 

best ophthalmology website designs for imagery

Using the staff carousel slider, users can view photos of the team members and learn more about them. The practice will gain more patients by putting a face to a name. This will allow new patients to get a feel for the practice before making an appointment, and they will be more comfortable when visiting. 

While scrolling, you will see links that lead to services, appointment scheduling, online forms, as well as contact information. This streamlined website layout will result in more appointments being booked. 

Take a look at the staff carousel here. 

Example 11: Educate and Book More Appointments with Featured Articles and a Contact Us Form 

best ophthalmology website designs to book more appointments

Users will be able to fill out the contact us form the moment they land on this eye care website, and more patients will be drawn in. 

As the user scrolls through they will see featured articles that are great for patients’ education. This will allow new and existing patients to learn more about their symptoms and conditions. It is important that your website provides more than just a listing of your services and ctas but also helpful engaging ophthalmology content. 

Explore this design here. 

Let Us Design A Website That Best Suits Your Ophthalmology Practice 

As you take a look and explore the best ophthalmology website designs in 2021, view your current website and see what features you may be missing. Sometimes your website might just need a refresh to help you attract more patients to your practice. 

See how you can get a tailored professional website that highlights your services and increase your ranking on Google so you can be found online by more patients. 

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