Optimize Your Google+ Business Page in 3 Easy Steps

Google+ provides another way to help improve your organic rankings in the search engines. With more social signals now than ever before, posts from Google’s social media platform have begun to show up in search engine results. A properly optimized Google+ Business Page will help both with your online presence and it will help boost your engagement and brand recognition for current and potential clients.
If you want to make sure your Business Page is properly optimized, there are three things you can do:
1. Use a high-quality photo for your Google+ Business Page image. This is the image that will go next to every post you make on Google+. Use your logo or something similar to highlight your practice and boost brand recognition. Always use engaging images that are relevant to your practice.

2. In the About section of your Google+ Business Page, target researched keywords based on your industry when writing a company description. Try to also include a targeted keyword in your Tagline as well. The Tagline will appear as part of your listing in search results. One of the key ways you can optimize your Google+ Business Page is by taking advantage of the Recommended Links section, also in the About section. Here you can add the URL for your website and post links to your other social media business sites.

3. Just as with other aspects of your online marketing, relevant and updated content will always help boost your search rank. Your goal is to have other Google+ users +1 your content and share it. Post photos, videos and status updates that will encourage sharing from your audience. The Google+ layout has recently changed regarding how posts are viewed to be more visually appealing. Benefit from this and stream a variety of the types of post you are sharing with your Google+ Circles and your online audience in general.

Google+ has proven to be a major player when it comes to both the search and social aspect of your business. By following these few, easy steps, you will increase the chances that your business will climb the search engine rankings and become more recognized as an influential brand.
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