NAP Audits: A Comprehensive Guide For Local SEO

Do you want to level up your local search results? NAP Audits can be a total game changer for businesses. Google and other search engines take into account your NAP when determining which web pages to show on local searches. NPA plays a critical role in helping small businesses or practices improve local organic search results.

What exactly is a NAP audit, and how relevant is it to businesses today? This article will dive into exactly that, as well as how to perform NAP audits and the benefits of conducting this procedure.

What is NAP?

Before anything else, we must go back to basics. What is NAP, to begin with? NAP is an abbreviation for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Consistent NAP information includes your business name. This would include any legal suffixes, if applicable. The address in NAP refers to your local business’s physical address. This consists of the suite number of your clinical practice or local business. The Phone Number in NAP pertains to the main phone number used to contact your business.

NAP audits are a comprehensive process of evaluating your business listing information, mainly your practice name, address, and phone number are up to date on local listings and other online directories.

Using a local SEO or search engine optimization strategy ensures your business is accurately represented online and in local business listings. A Google SEO strategy will also improve your website’s rankings on local searches when people use relevant keywords.

Sometimes, a NAP audit will determine how accurately your business website is displayed on local listing sites. This is called NAPW. Therefore, NAP audits confirm if your business contact information is consistent across all platforms.

This would include your company website, social media profiles, Google Business Profile, and other local directories.

Good NAP consistency also ensures that potential customers searching for your business online will find the same information, regardless of where they look. This increases more people’s trust in your brand.

In addition, having correct NAP information can have a potentially significant impact on your lead generation because customers would be able to contact your business without having to visit your website. Therefore, it’s easier for people to contact you and further trust your brand’s online credibility.

Is NAP important for SEO?

Yes, when you ensure nap consistency, you boost your local business online. NAP consistency is critical to your potential customers and search engines. Why? Fundamentally, most people refer to accurate listings throughout a business transaction.

For example, let’s say a person searches for ‘veterinarian near me,’ and your business listing shows up in the results. If there’s a typo in your phone number, and they’re led to another business or person, they would hang up and move on to the next business with more accurate listings.

So you would miss out on a potential patient or customer.

A quality nap audit can also impact your local SEO campaign. How? Search engines like Google use NAP information from local businesses to deliver search results to your business’s end-user or potential customers.

For example, you changed your practice name from ABC Optical Care to ABCD Optical Care. Because of your name change, you decide to invest in advertisements that discuss the name change. However, you failed to change your Google Business Profile name.

Because of this oversight, people looking for ABCD Optical Care because they saw your advertisements will most likely not find your Google Business Profile.

What Should You Look For in a NAP Audit?

Fix inaccurate business information

Once an NAP audit finds incorrect or inconsistent data, you should update and correct this information across all platforms. You should ensure that your business name, contact page, address, and phone number consistently show the most updated details.

This step is crucial for building trust with potential customers and search engines.

Claim and optimize your business listings

While Google is among the most popular search engines, you should also claim your other listings, including Apple Maps, Yelp, and Bing Places. Regarding your Google Business Profile, it would be best to verify your business profile to ensure you’re maximizing Google Search.

It would be best if you optimized each listing by providing a detailed business description, adding relevant categories, your operating hours, website links, a high-resolution logo, relevant photos, and generating positive reviews.

Monitor and maintain NAP consistency

Monitoring your business listings regularly across different directories ensures NAP data accuracy and consistency. When you have changes in business information, you should ensure that these changes are reflected promptly on all platforms for consistency.

Push for customer reviews

Positive customer reviews can improve your online reputation and improve local search rankings. You should encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on directories because search engines often factor in these reviews when determining rankings.

Build local citations

Local citations refer to mentions of your NAP information on external directories, websites, and social media platforms. It would help if you consistently looked for opportunities to build high-quality citations from authoritative sources. These can boost your local SEO efforts.

How to perform NAP audits: 3 ways

There are various ways to conduct a NAP audit but to keep it simple; this article focuses on three ways only. The first is BrightLocal, a tool that provides an all-in-one solution for local SEO, including NAP audit functionalities. This platform monitors and audits business listings across various directories, flags information inconsistencies, and tracks the progress of NAP corrections over time.

Another way you can explore is WhiteSpark. WhiteSpark offers different local SEO tools, including NAP audit features. This tool scans multiple websites and directories and detects any inaccuracies in NAP information.

Moz Local can also help you conduct a NAP audit. This comprehensive audit tool enables businesses to check their NAP consistency across multiple platforms and directories. It gives users a score that shows the accuracy and consistency of business listings. It also identifies potential issues that require your attention.

Benefits of NAP Audit for Local SEO

What are the benefits of NAP audits? First, when you ensure NAP consistency, you organically increase your local search rankings. Most businesses aspire to have their web pages rank on the coveted first page of Google search results. The accuracy of your business’s NAP information can improve your SEO efforts.

While investing in PPC ads and other advertising methods would be great, you should solidify your digital marketing efforts as much as you can. Conducting a NAP audit is a stellar way to promote your business to more people.

Second, NAP audits can help your business appear higher in local search results on mobile devices and desktops. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to reach as many people as possible online, your business shouldn’t forget about your local audience.

People who are located or frequent your physical address are likelier to visit your business than people based elsewhere. Local SEO efforts give you a better chance of connecting with people in your local area.

Third, you can increase your number of website visitors. Your business website is like your digital calling card. The more people visit your website, the likelier they are to become your customers. Being on their radar is a good step towards building a future relationship with those people.

Your NAP audit can also increase the number of calls your business receives. While many people prefer looking for information online, some prefer asking questions via call. When it’s easier for people to locate your official contact number, they’re likelier to explore visiting your clinic or buying your products in the future.

A NAP audit can also help new and existing customers easily find your website and physical location. Gone are the days when you must go through fliers or other advertisements to locate your website and physical location. You can easily direct people to your official website and address by posting accurate information online.

Rank High on Search Engines with iMatrix

NAP audits can significantly assist your business if you intend to widen your reach in your local area. Consistency is vital, and you should make it as easy as possible for people to find your business and develop a relationship with you.

Your NAP audit can be a strategic first step to forging customer relationships.

NAP audits are just a small part of an overall stellar SEO strategy. If you want to amplify your SEO efforts, you should work with digital marketing experts who can boost your comprehensive digital marketing plan. This is where iMatrix can be of assistance.

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