Fundamental Veterinary Video Marketing Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to venture into video for your veterinary practice. Great! But, do you know where to begin? Video marketing for healthcare professionals is essential to attracting more clients to your practice and give an insight into what you and your staff do in your office.

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This gives clients a chance to see your work ethic, how you interact with animals, and your office environment. Veterinary video marketing gives your veterinary website a personal touch because they capture the heart and soul of your practice.

It gives pet owners an idea of what you and your office are all about. Instead of being told what it is that you do, they can witness it first hand.

Since you’ve taken the first step and made the decision to incorporate video marketing into your veterinary marketing strategy, we’re here to help you with the rest. Here are 7 fundamental video marketing tips for your veterinary practice.

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Tip 1: Have a Unique Introduction

You want to stand out from your competition, right? Well, creating a unique introduction to your practice is a great way to do so! You have the opportunity to introduce you and your staff to viewers so have fun with this.

Tell them about how you became a veterinarian and eventually opened your own practice. What makes your practice different from your local competitors and why should they choose you? Why is your office the best option for their pet to receive patient care? You can answer all these questions in your intro video while being funny, informative, and inspiring.

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Tip 2: Create Veterinary Educational Videos

If your viewers don’t find your video content useful, they most likely will move on to another website. As a veterinary practice, this is your opportunity to teach your audience something they don’t know about animal healthcare. If you’re stuck on coming up with ideas on what type of information your viewers would be interested in, try some of these ideas for video:

  • Dental care for their pet
  • Tick prevention
  • Nail trimming for cats
  • Dietary information for their pet
  • Exercise tips

After they’re done watching your video, they should feel like they learned new information that they can apply to their daily responsibilities as a pet owner.

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Tip 3: Show Behind The Scenes Footage at Your Practice

Clients like to get up close and personal to businesses that they frequent and with video marketing, you can give them a better look at what makes your practice tick.

Show them behind-the-scenes footage of you and your staff interacting with pets and their owners. Let them see what type of equipment you use and what procedures are performed in your office. This footage will allow your audience to see how you function in your natural habitat.

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Tip 4: Make Your Veterinary Videos Mobile-Friendly

With more than half of all web traffic on websites coming from mobile devices, it’s important that you embrace those viewers instead of isolating them! Make your video content as accessible as possible to smartphone users by increasing page speed, eliminating pop-ups, and formatting the video for the appropriate screen size.

By making your videos available to mobile devices, this can drive even more traffic to your website and increase your clientele.

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Tip 5: Share Video Stories About Your Pet Patients & Clients

People love animals and that’s just a fact! As the owner of a veterinary business, this is your territory. This is where you can really draw your audience in. Creating a video about one of your client’s pets is just what you need to pull at your viewer’s heartstrings.

For example, if any of your patients have a surgery coming up, ask the owner if they consent to you recording the animal’s procedure and their recovery. Tell a story of their journey and what events led up to before and after their surgery.

Creating this type of video content is also helpful in building stronger relationships with your clients and increasing loyalty. This gives you a chance to get to know your client and their pet better and vice versa.

Clients with an emotional attachment to the business are more likely to remain loyal throughout the years. So you get a lifelong patient and they get a lifelong vet in return. It’s a win-win for both parties!

Tip 6: Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Similar to other content and web pages on your website, your videos should also include a call-to-action at the end. Remember, you’re inviting viewers to take further action on your website.

This can include booking an appointment, signing up for newsletters and emails, or subscribing to monthly videos. Before including your call-to-action, think about what it is you want your audience to do after watching your video. Then that should give you an idea of what action you want to encourage them to take.

Tip 7: Produce Your Veterinary Videos

Now to the fun part, production! So you have all these great ideas about what you want to produce, but the next question is how? Well, if someone in your office is capable of doing it, that would be great.

But to take some pressure off of you and your staff so that all your focus can be on your patients, outsourcing is always an option. You can hire a professional team to come in and film what you want. Tell them the vision you have for the video and watch your ideas come to life.

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