Veterinary Video Marketing Ideas for Your Practice

Video marketing for veterinary professionals is essential to attracting and retaining more clients to your practice. While it’s usually best to consider hiring video professionals for promotional, landing page videos, and more, it often makes more economical sense to produce videos in-house. 

The good news is shooting videos for your veterinary practice is easier than ever and any staff member with a smartphone can create videos that clients will love to watch and share with other pet owners. This makes it possible for you to produce videos that are relevant and timely on a regular basis.

Idea 1: Create Educational Videos for Pet Owners & Your Clients

Pet owners are constantly searching online for quick pet care and training tips. As a veterinarian, this is your opportunity to provide those searches with answers. This will not only boost your organic SEO but it will help build your credibility and trust with current clients and potential clients.

But before you reach for your smartphone and press the record button, it’s important to remember that your videos must represent the same quality and attention you give to your clients. Therefore, it is important to showcase your practice both professionally and casually all at the same time.

First, make sure you hold your phone horizontally and keep your phone steady. Aim to record videos in rooms with even lighting and make note of any unpleasant shadows. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to have your talent stand in front of a window to capture some natural light.

Try these veterinary video topics to help you get started: 

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming Your Furry Friend at Home
  • Tips for Taking Your Pet to The Vet for The First Time 
  • 10 Signs You Need to Take Your Pet to The Vet 
  • 5 Easy Steps to Home Dental Care for your Cat or Dog
  • How to House Train Your New Furry Friend 
  • How to Check Your Pet for Fleas 
  • Winter Care Tips for Your Dog 
  • Cat Behaviors & How to Train Your Cat

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Idea 2: Start a Veterinary Vlog 

Blogs are great. Video blogs, or vlogs, are even better. It’s incredibly powerful for building relationships with your audience that are transparent and long-lasting. One of the best ideas for a vlog is to share your day at work or why you love being a veterinarian. You can also make it interesting and share your favorite breeds of dogs and cats. The fun part is sharing the different types of pets that come in on any given day.

When you vlog it creates an authentic appeal. Here are more ideas for vlogging:

  • Answer common pet questions
  • Talk more about your background in veterinary medicine
  • Why you love what you do
  • Tips for pet parents and new pet owners

Idea 3: Give a Video Tour of Your Veterinary Practice 

Give potential clients the opportunity to step inside your office virtually and see how your practice operates on a daily basis. This will make clients feel comfortable by knowing what to expect when they walk in the door. 

If you want to create a full 360- degree tour of your veterinary practice then try downloading a 360 video editing software app to your smartphone. If not you can easily press the record button and start filming the hustle and bustle of everyday work. Make sure to feature some of your pet patients or relevant office imagery for effect. Once you’re finished recording the tour, you can share it on Facebook and place it on your website to give new clients a virtual tour of your practice.

Bonus Tip: Shoot your office video during business hours so viewers can see your veterinary team in action. Then, post it on your veterinary website and on your Facebook page. 

Idea 4: Create Short & Easy to Consume Veterinary Videos

These days, people are distracted faster than ever. This means your veterinary marketing videos need to be short and to the point. You’ll have to optimize the video for both viewers and its specific channel. Each platform is different. Instagram and Twitter for example are 30-45 seconds while Facebook and YouTube prefer 1 to 2 minutes clips.

Try using Instagram and Twitter for quick pet care tips or practice announcements. For example, you can record short tutorials on teeth brushing, coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and weather tips. Use Facebook to highlight new promotions or pet products that are on sale. 

If you begin offering a new pet vaccine, show pet owners what it does. If your practice offers boarding and grooming, highlight your accommodations, and share information about the type of pampering pets will receive. Lastly, you can post more in-depth, pet training videos on YouTube for new pet owners.

Idea 5: Create a Social Media Video Introducing Your Staff Members

Introduce your staff members to your social media followers. You can use Instagram Stories to post a photo or a video that vanishes after 24 hours or simply add it to Facebook. Have fun with these! Share what your staff’s favorite animals are, what they like to do in their spare time, and what got them interested in veterinary care. 

If your veterinary clients are comfortable with your staff members, they will begin to trust and be open with you. As a result, they will share the things they love about your practice, things they don’t like and will ask more questions about their pet.

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The digital marketing world is constantly changing and growing, and as a busy veterinarian, you may not have time to implement these video ideas. Let us help you with your veterinary video marketing needs while you take care of your furry patients. Give us a call at 800.792.8384 or click here to learn more about our digital veterinary marketing solutions.

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