What to Expect for SEO in 2015

Have you ever made a choice of dentist because of the pad of paper that was placed on your doorstep? Ever decided on your chiropractor because of a coffee mug with their name on it?
Sounds outrageous that anyone would make their important life and health decisions based on simple trinkets and chachkies that are doled out, right?
Trinkets and Chachkies
Now, how many decisions have you made after Googling a topic, service, or product?
More importantly, how many of your existing clients decided to use you based on the way you appeared on the web?
Increasingly, the dependence on Google and other search engine responses are directly corresponding with buying decisions, and in 2015, there will be changes to the way Google gathers their information and makes their rankings for each search query that will have reverberating effects on your bottom line.
Want more business in 2015? Well then, rank better.
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is one way that you can work to ensure that you will be at the top of the search results, giving your business brand building opportunities through increased visibility. Let’s look at 3 points of action that are low cost, low energy, less expensive than bad marketing gimmicks, and at worst will help with brand building:

1. Proper SEO is not going away, and bad SEO will increasingly impact sites. In the past year we saw numerous Google updates that had vast influence on the Google search algorithm. Perhaps you have heard the terms like Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon*? These updates were made in order to clean up back SEO habits like keyword stuffing, duplicate content penalties, and illicit use of copyrighted materials.
Go through your content and make sure that you don’t have any of the above bad practices in your articles or blogs and make an effort to put at least 2, and upwards of 4 posts with new, completely unique 300-500 business-specific content on your site each month.
2. Content is king, but Social Search and Social Engagement will increase in importance in 2015, so look for opportunities for engagement with all your content and posts. Your social posts to your social media assets like Twitter and Facebook doesn’t always have to be stodgy and scientific-laden, rather, having a varied ‘wall’ of content that ranges from humor, to poignant, to fact-based will help engage your audience. Have your blog RSS feed to your social media assets to increase exposure and maintain a consistent presence on multiple locations.

Make Engagement on Social Media Fun

3. Get reviews on your Google + profile! This is the single biggest action that your “front door” staff can have on your web presence. Getting social engagement with the hope of going ‘viral’ can be a goal, but having follow up and constant attention to getting regular, positive reviews on your Google Plus page is something that you and your staff can be pro-active in requesting and can help your business climb the organic search rankings.

Google Ranking Factors

Raising your organic search rankings takes time as even Google notes that the effect of your efforts may not show completely for up to 3 months after you act. Working on these low cost, low energy efforts above will help to get your campaign headed in the right direction and cost you next to nothing to implement.
Else, there is always a chachkie salesman ready to get you a flyswatter for your marketing dollars.
Learn more about what to expect in SEO for 2015. Call 1-800-IMATRIX today to speak with an experienced Internet Consultant.
*Search Engine Optimization received little changes with the addition of Hummingbird, though the more top ranking results are ones that provide natural content that reads conversationally. While keywords within the query still continue to be important, Hummingbird adds more strength to long-tailed keywords — effectively catering to the optimization of content rather than just keywords. The use of keyword synonyms have also been optimized with Hummingbird; instead of listing results with exact phrases or keywords, Google shows more theme-related results.
By Google’s estimates, Penguin affects approximately 3.1% of search queries in English with the purpose, per Google, was to catch excessive spammers.
With Pigeon, the local 7-pack carousel visual search results seems to have flown away for many queries.

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