4 Reasons to Work With a Google Premier Partner

Paid search marketing using Google Adwords is a great way to generate more patients and revenue into your practice. From choosing the right keywords for your industry, refining your strategy, optimizing your ads, and outbidding your competition, there is so much that takes place in a Google AdWords campaign. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone, with the help of a Google Premier Partner your practice will see exceptional results.

In this post, we will discuss what it means to be a Google Premier Partner, and the main reasons why you should consider working with one.

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What It Means to Be a Google Premier Partner

Google only awards the Premier Partner level to the absolute top-performing marketing companies who consistently deliver outstanding ROI results for their clients.

The Google Premier Partnership isn’t just a quick buy or a freebie. To become a Premier Partner a company must meet an extensive set of requirements, and only a few marketing companies worldwide have it, including iMatrix.

Here are the requirements to obtain and maintain the Premier Partnership:

  • Staff is required to get certified for Google Ads and pass new assessments annually.
  • Meet a higher spending requirement across managed accounts.
  • Deliver solid overall ad revenue and growth, maintaining and growing customer base, and continuously outperform the competition. 

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Advantages of Working With a Google Premier Partner

There are numerous benefits to working with a Google Premier Partner, and here are the top four reasons why you should consider working with one. 

1. You Will Get Proven Results and Maximize Your ROI

As a Google Premier Partner, we are required to maintain a high level of success to remain a part of the program. We must continually generate ROI results for our clients and on top of that Google must review and approve our advertising spends. This will ensure that when you work with a Premier Partner, you’re working with a company that knows how to consistently drive outstanding results to grow your practice.

2. You Will Get Priority Access to Beta Features from Google

Google provides Premier Partners with countless features that they can test out before they let the public have access. This means that when you work with a Premier Partner you’ll have access to those beta features first. This can be an advantage to help you outrank your local competitors.

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3. You Will Work With Digital Marketing Experts Trained By Google 

As s Google Premier Partner, we have a special relationship with Google, and we know the ins and outs of Google Ads. We are constantly being trained on Google’s best practices, and Google will notify us of any major algorithm changes before telling the general public. We also have an inside track to connecting with Google. For example, if there is ever an issue with an account, as a Premier Partner, we can easily contact and get a hold of a Google representative. 

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4. You Will Partner With a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Company 

Google trusts our company, so you can too. As a Google Premier Partner, we bring Google’s best practices to your marketing efforts. At iMatrix, you’ll have access to an array of online marketing strategists, SEO experts, and insights into keywords’ search volume to target your ideal patients and maximize your revenue. Boost your profits, get measurable results, maximize your investments, and receive full access to Google-trusted and certified experts.

Let us be your Google guide! 

At iMatrix, we work hard to sustain our Google Premier Partner status and manage successful campaigns of all sizes for our healthcare clients. Click here or call us at 800.792.8384 today to learn more about how working with a Premier Partner can help grow your practice. 

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