10 Chiropractic Email Marketing Tips To Know

If you’re looking to grow your practice, an effective chiropractic marketing strategy can help you reach your business goals. Email marketing is basically the act of sending email messages to promote your products, services, and discounts. With the right strategy in place, you can create patient loyalty and entice new patients to visit your practice.

So how can you use email marketing to your advantage as a chiropractor? Investing in chiropractic email marketing will elevate your business and strengthen your relationship with your clients. This blog will identify the key components of creating a successful email campaign.

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The Many Benefits of Email Marketing

You can reap many benefits with the use of email marketing campaigns.

First of all, email marketing can drive more traffic to your chiropractic website. You can lead more new patients to explore your website and its content by including hyperlinks in your email messages. This opens opportunities for existing patients to learn more about your practice and current offerings.

Secondly, more traffic to your website can increase your practice’s online bookings. Email marketing is an excellent way to encourage more patients to schedule a consultation with your practice. Patients can set appointments anytime, anywhere through your online booking link. This allows more people to request a consultation even after your operating hours.

Email marketing improves client communication through regular updates. A weekly email allows your patients to be updated with the latest changes in your practice’s schedule, services, and promotions. Regular emails keep your practice top of mind to patients in your area.

Email marketing is an excellent outlet for creativity and personalization. After all, a catchy mail campaign can be an effective lead magnet. It’s all a matter of messaging. With the data you have on hand, you can personalize every email sent to approach clients like a friend. For example, you can reach out to inactive patients by wishing them a happy birthday or season greetings. Include their names in the email instead of a generic “Hello There.”

You provide your audience with valuable content. Valuable content reinforces your authority as a chiropractor practice. This solidifies your reputation as a trusted healthcare provider, attracting more prospective patients in need of your services. 

Above all else, the benefits of email marketing can improve patient retention. You can strengthen your business relationships with current patients by regularly keeping in touch with them.

Email Campaign Types

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Next, know what type of email you want to send out. Now that you know the benefits of email marketing, let’s get into some ideas of the types of emails your chiropractic practice can try if you’re not already doing so. 

1. Welcome Emails

If you’re communicating with new patients, sending a welcome email is a great idea. A welcome email is the first online impression a chiropractic practice makes with new patients. A welcome email is integral to a patient’s experience because it introduces your clinic. This is a great opportunity to invite new subscribers to follow you on social media or drive them to your website.

2. Standard Types of Emails

When writing a welcome email, you should be inviting and grateful. You should express how thankful your practice is that the new patient decided to connect with your practice. Meanwhile, standard types of emails offer your clinic the opportunity to send appointment reminder notifications, follow-ups, and updates on your practice. Once a patient expresses interest in your services, it’s your job to proactively follow up with them. This will help your practice maintain professional services and clear communication. 

3. Promo Emails

When you have ongoing promotions, you should amplify your marketing strategy through email campaigns. Promo emails increase awareness of ongoing special offerings. You may also offer patients something special via email to be more enticed to book an appointment online. For example, you can offer a discounted rate for a booking made through that email message. You may also offer special rates to new patients. The goal is to entice more visits through incentives that promote your practice.

4. Seasonal Campaigns

You can also take advantage of the holidays by coming up with seasonal campaigns. You can turn special holidays into opportunities to drive more people to visit your clinic. Seasonal campaigns are similar to promo emails. The main difference is that seasonal campaigns focus on a certain holiday, only sending them within a specific time frame. The email subject line should indicate that the message is tied to the holidays.

For example, you can come up with subject lines that focus on Christmas in December. You can use Christmas fever as a stepping stone to encourage current patients to return to your clinic. It’s vital that you keep the messaging upbeat and festive when delivering seasonal campaigns.

5. Request a Review

To boost your reputation, you should proactively ask for feedback from your current patients. You can request a review via email for patients to share their experiences at your clinic. The kind words from your satisfied clients can drive more interest from other prospective patients. At the same time, their feedback reinforces the value of your services. 

6. Educational Emails

Your chiropractic email marketing isn’t just a way to promote new offerings and services. You can also establish your practice’s authority by sharing your expertise on exciting topics. Educational emails are an excellent way to showcase your knowledge in pain management. It shows people that your practice knows what it’s doing and can help them address their treatment concerns.

Subject Line Ideas

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The subject lines you choose matter. Your email campaigns should have compelling subject lines to ensure open rates are good. 

The truth is that not all recipients of your chiropractic email marketing campaigns will open each message. Your subject lines can impact your email open rate tremendously. Email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers. 

Here are some nice ideas you can take inspiration from:

  • Incorporate numbers: You should detail how many tips they can expect from that message.
    Example: 10 Ways to a Healthier Life!
  • Make it a question. You can compel people to learn more about your services by asking interesting questions. Example: Do you want to know why your lower back is always hurting?
  • Use urgency. If you’re promoting a discount exclusively for a specific date, you should highlight that.
    Example: Today Only! First Time Patient’s Get Free Massage Therapy 
  • Offer a solution to a problem. If you’re targeting people who have sports injuries, your headline should offer a remedy to their ongoing problem.
    Example: Do You Have a Hamstring Injury? This Procedure Will Get You Back on Track
  • Personalization. You can add a personal touch to make your recipients feel seen. Use email marketing software to add the names of the people on your mailing list.
    Example: William – We offer personalized treatment plans for sports injuries
  • Use emojis. You can add more emotions to your subject line by adding an emoji that coincides with the message. Example: Run Back to Peak Condition Today🏃
  • Send an invite. You can entice recipients to book an appointment to invite them to learn more about your services. You can even offer a free consultation to drive awareness about your ongoing offerings.
    Example:  You’re Invited! 💌 Free Consultation with Anderson Chiropractic

Chiropractors like you should be creative regarding the subject line you use. You can even try puns or something funny when applicable. You shouldn’t be afraid and try something new because you never know the response.

Provide a Newsletter to Patients

Create valuable content for patients with a newsletter. A newsletter is a great opportunity to keep your patients updated regularly on anything and everything related to your practice.

Aside from updates on your latest offerings, you can also send industry news or other topics of interest for your practice to be top of mind to your patients when it comes to chiropractic care. You can share interesting information about functional medicine, sports injuries, etc.

If you have an existing blog, your newsletter can also drive more traffic to your content. More people can read the interesting blog articles you and your team have worked hard on and drive interest in your practice.

In addition, you can use your newsletter to deep dive into each service that your practice offers. You can explain the benefits of every treatment to educate potential new patients about the value of investing in your services. While explaining your services, you should also list down your other services to increase awareness of them.

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Tips for your Mailing List

Segment your mailing lists. You shouldn’t send the same email messages to your entire subscriber list. List segmentation is essential for you to reach your target more effectively. Through list segmentation, you can classify current patients from prospective patients. You can also target recent patients or inactive patients.

List segmentation lessens the confusion between messaging. At the same time, it is easy to personalize each message when you know what type of person you’re writing to. Every email has a specific call to action and goal, and they should be addressed to the right audience to be effective.

Spruce Up Your Emails Visually

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How do you make your email newsletters more visually appealing? You can use images that coincide with these services to promote specific services. You get to show patients what they can expect by doing so.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your HTML email templates with different styles, pops of color, and other visual imagery. While your messaging’s tone is essential to reaching your goals, you should also be mindful of what your emails look like. You want your chiropractic email marketing campaigns to appear professional. This entails that the copy and the text are clear and free from errors. It’s essential that you double-check each message before sending them out to your subscriber list.

You can also create compelling graphics for patients to understand the science behind your services. For example, spinal graphics can explain their impact on one’s health, and car accident graphics can highlight the neck after whiplash.

You may even incorporate video elements to provide further explanations. Video is a great way to get patients’ attention and improve engagement. 

While you’re experimenting with different visual aids to improve your email, don’t forget to check your email’s overall look. Although you want your email recipients to see what they can expect, you don’t want to bombard them with too much information. 

You don’t want to overwhelm their senses as well. At the same time, the visuals you choose should coincide with the messages you’re trying to convey in the email body. Balance is key.

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