How to Attract More Chiropractic Patients Using 5 Marketing Tools

Can patients find your chiropractic practice online? Whether you have been a practicing chiropractor for several years or you have just opened your practice doors for the very first time, it’s important to learn how to market your chiropractic practice online and showcase your specialties to potential patients searching for the services you provide.

In order to increase your visibility online and highlight your top specialties on Google’s first page, you’ll need to be familiar with chiropractic marketing tools and learn how to operate them successfully. If you’re a beginner, this post will show you the top five must-have chiropractic marketing tools that will help you attract more online visitors and convert them into appointments. 

Tool #1: Google My Business 

The first step is to create a Google Business Profile. Creating an account helps ensure that potential chiropractic patients are able to find your practice easily. It will also help patients see your practice information accurately on Google Search and Google Maps. Your listing will show a link to your chiropractic website, your physical location, hours of operation, and much more.

You can also use this tool to engage with your patients by responding to reviews, answering questions, enabling direct messaging, and publishing posts to your business profile

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Congrats! You’re on your way to reach more chiropractic patients and establish your credibility online. 

Tool #2: SEO 

Now that patients can find your practice on Google Search and Google Maps, let’s work on increasing your presence organically on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase your Google ranking so you can be found by more chiropractic patients actively searching online for services like auto injury, personal injury, spinal adjustment, sports injury, back pain, and other services you offer. 

The first step to implementing an effective chiropractic SEO strategy is understanding who your targeted audience is. What kind of patients are you trying to attract? For example, if you’re a personal injury chiropractor then you’ll want to attract auto injury patients, workplace injury patients, etc. If you’re a functional medicine chiropractor then your targeted audience may be people looking for nutritional advice, coaching, lifestyle changes, and more. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, you’ll want to research keywords that are easy to rank for and have a high search volume. Here are some free keyword research tools to help you get started: Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and WordStream

The next step is to measure your results! But not so fast, with SEO it takes 6-12 months to see results, so don’t worry if you’re not generating any results your first month. 

When it’s time to evaluate your results use these free SEO tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Moz. If you want to check the speed and usability of your chiropractic website on multiple devices use Google PageSpeed Insights.

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Tool #3: Google Ads

If you’re looking for speedy results, then Google Ads, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service, could get you there. You’ll want to create ads that target specific keywords associated with your chiropractic services. Unlike organic search, you’ll be able to quickly get in front of potential chiropractic patients who are searching for the services you provide in your area. 

You simply pay if users click on your ad. That means you can take control of your ad budget and control how much you want to spend. By trying out different keyword variations using PPC you’ll be ready to determine which keyword will generate more traffic to your chiropractic website. 

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Tool #4: Social Media 

Social media is more relevant than ever and for businesses looking to promote their brand, it’s no different. Using social media helps increase brand awareness, engage with your followers, attract new chiropractic patients, and build stronger relationships online. Without the correct social media tools, your social media marketing strategy may flop before given the chance. If your practice doesn’t have a social media presence already, get to it! 

Not sure where to begin? Here are some social media tools to help you get started. Try using 

Headline Analyzer and  Social Media Message Optimizer to help you write engaging captions. The great thing about social media is that you are able to listen, learn, and gather feedback from your followers. You’ll get a better understanding of which captions work and which ones aren’t as engaging. 

To give you a head start, we have created a social media kit with ready-to-use posts that you can publish on your social media channels. The kit includes a variety of educational and seasonal chiropractic posts you’ll be able to use to interact with your social media followers. 

Tool #5: Video 

Did you know videos dominate social media, email newsletters, blogs, and supplement written content? According to WordStream, having a video on your website can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

Video marketing should be a key component of your chiropractic marketing strategy. Whether you are using videos to showcase a brand new chiropractic product or service, boost engagement on your social media platforms, or educate your patients, video marketing will effectively grow your online presence and reach more potential chiropractic patients.

Here are some Chiropractic Video Ideas: 

  • What to expect during your first chiropractic adjustment
  • Why you should see a chiropractor
  • Informational series that includes tips
  • Tension headache relief from home 
  • Signs you need a chiropractor
  • Patient testimonials
  • How to relieve back and neck pain at home

Make sure your videos are less than five minutes. Visitors who click on your video want to be engaged and be informed. Don’t waste any time during your video. 

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Ready to Use These Marketing Tools at Your Chiropractic Practice? 

Implement these top five chiropractic marketing tools to expand your practice and showcase your top services to potential patients searching online for a chiropractor. Don’t have time? We understand that making changes to your marketing strategy can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it on your own. 

Let experts take care of your chiropractic marketing strategy. Give us a call at 800.792.8384 or click here to learn more about our digital chiropractic marketing solutions.

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