5 Must-Have Features for Eye Doctor Websites

By now, you probably already know that your eye doctor website is a fantastic way to make a good impression on potential clients. The best eye doctor websites give clients a preview of what they can expect when they enlist that optometrist’s services. Some people might even judge the quality of your work based on your website design alone.

That’s why you must take the time to evaluate your eye doctor website. Evaluating your website’s performance shows you if your website design is resonating with your patient’s needs and if it is up to date. Ask what works for you and what doesn’t? Determining how you can improve to develop the best eye doctor website for your practice is essential to maintaining your practice’s online presence.

This blog will take you through the popular website features of the best eye doctor websites today. These features not only cater to today’s visitors but are also highly impactful designs that successfully attract patients.

Whether you’re a new eye doctor or an expert on eye health, this list of the best eye doctor websites’ features can help you enhance your current website to make it as effective and engaging as possible.

1. Add a Map Section of Your Practice Location on Your Website

map section on a website.

Geographic locations are essential for most patients because it would be ideal for them to visit a practice in their area. While you can detail your location information on your website, it would be helpful if you could show them where your clinic is located.

The map feature has become a popular addition to not only the best eye doctor websites but to different types of establishments. Why? Clarifying your location doesn’t just mean adding your business addresses. Adding a map feature gives visitors a preview of your clinic’s location based on Google maps.

Having an interactive map on your eye doctor’s website has many benefits. A digital map leading to your eye care practice looks attractive when integrated into your website design. The map shouldn’t just be limited to your home page or contact page. It would be best if this feature is embedded on all your website pages to remind people just how near your practice is to them. They can easily visualize the way to your clinic even if they’re far away.

In addition, more people would be enticed to book an appointment online, given how close or accessible your practice may be to them. Some people may not be aware that your practice is located nearby. If you show them how close they are, they will be more encouraged to book an appointment with you.

Despite the popularity of online maps, many people can still get lost because of confusion about directions. With an interactive map, you show people the best route to your practice. If your prospective patient is new to the area, they can easily find your place when they see how accessible you are.

Moreover, patients can even opt to print the map if that would be more convenient for them. This is very helpful for people who are not very tech-savvy or like to keep things old school.

2. Get the Latest Online Booking System for your Eyecare Practice

Online booking feature on eye doctor website.

Make no mistake, an automated booking system is essential for your eyecare practice. I’ll explain. Even if you have staff working on patient forms all the time, it’s much more likely that your staff doesn’t have the time and resources to be online to cater to old and new patients round the clock.

Updating your eye doctor website with an automated booking system has many benefits. First, patient forms help people gain access to your practice whenever it may be convenient for them. Some patients go on search engines to look for eye care practices beyond operating hours. A booking system ensures you’ll be ready to cater to their needs even after work hours.

All they would need to do is book an appointment on their computer or mobile device. There’s no need to wait; securing a slot only takes a few minutes. Given how busy everyone’s lives are nowadays, providing customers with as much convenience as possible is key.

In addition, an online booking system would help cut your staff’s busy schedule. Booking request forms can only capture so much information. So your team would have to chase potential patients for more details to confirm an appointment successfully.

Having an online booking solution provides your practice with better visibility and transparency. You simply need to refer to that solution to confirm your patient’s information, booking time, requested date and time, preferred practitioner, and booking source. In short, the appointment confirmation process is streamlined for your team.

Lastly, an online booking solution helps you maximize office efficiency. Online booking lets you control your schedule and keeps patients informed of your availability. You won’t need to chase clients and doctors to confirm their schedules.

The online booking system should be embedded in your website design for patients to locate them quickly. You can hire professional marketers to ensure it runs smoothly and blends seamlessly with your other website features. With professional help, you and your team can channel your time and energy on other important matters. You also have someone to rely on if you need help with the information stored on the system.

Aside from an online booking system, you can also explore adding Live Chat software to your website. This software makes it easier for people to navigate through your website and encourages them to make appointments. Customers will feel like they’re being attended to even after operating hours.

3. Incorporate an Online Store

Online store feature example

You should consider setting up an online store on your website if you offer prescription glasses, contact lenses, and other products alongside your eye care services. Online stores are a great way to improve product sales of your eye care products and eyewear, if available.

While your patients may be aware of your vision care services, they may not be informed that you offer products that can improve their eye health. Featuring your products improves your product visibility.

In addition, having an online store provides more streams of income for your practice. Online store purchases have become increasingly popular as more people prefer to ‘add to cart’ than to go out to buy their essentials. You can increase your eye care practice revenue through product sales.

Having an online store makes sure that your inventory gets updated instantly. Confirming variants, prices, and other pertinent information can be time-consuming. With an online store, the online customers and staff are updated on the real-time availability of items.

What’s great about having an online store is that you can show your patients pictures of the items you’re selling. Offering a product from every angle gives people an idea of what a product looks like. You can even opt to add photos of the products when worn or applied. So you help them visualize what they’d look like with that product without going to your practice to try it on themselves.

When it comes to eye care, visuals matter. The way you set up your online store can make or break your eye doctor website. Having a professional develop your online store ensures it looks sleek and attractive.

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4. Showcase Your Stellar Patient Reviews

Online reviews example

Online reviews and patient testimonials are vital for any business, including eyecare professionals. How former and current patients perceive your practice can make an impression on the perspective of others. Online reviews work like digital word-of-mouth marketing. Kind words about your practice can encourage people to visit your office, while horror stories can drive people away, regardless of whether what those people say is true or not.

Patient testimonials are a way for your current patients to vouch for your service and entice others to procure your expertise for their eye care needs. If you don’t have a lot of impressive online reviews, you can request your patients to post testimonials or proactively ask for their feedback so you can showcase them on your website.

Online reputation management is important for your business to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. You can even use negative reviews in your favor by addressing each concern professionally and empathetically. Proactively reaching out to patients with bad experiences allows you to change their perspectives. This is a guide to how you can even turn naysayers into future advocates for your practice.

Properly managing negative reviews doesn’t just allow you to mend relationships with former clients. This effort shows other prospective customers that you value every patient’s experience. Patients can expect the same level of attention and care if they decide to book an appointment or schedule a service with your practice.

Posting patient testimonials on your website shows prospective customers what your patients have to say about you. It’ll be like showing their stamp of approval to put your best foot forward. In addition, people won’t have to ask their friends or other patients they may know about you. You solidify yourself as an establishment they can trust when there’s social proof that your practice is competent and reliable.

5. Your Website’s Color Scheme Matters

Lastly, there’s one vital feature that can have a powerful impact on your website’s overall design – your color scheme. Your website design’s colors can affect people’s perspectives at first glance. A good website design has a suitable color scheme to invite people to explore the website further.

The colors between the background and content should contrast for the colors to be visually appealing to website visitors. Using similar hues or a monochromatic color palette can wash each other out. Contrasting colors are more effective in getting people’s attention.

Moreover, your color scheme can also affect your text’s visibility. Your team has worked hard to develop compelling copies to make your website attractive. You want your audience to be able to read the text without using glasses or having to zoom in just to read everything.

Colors have the power to influence people and their perception of you, so the colors you choose for your website design are very important. For example, red is a bold color that creates a sense of urgency with its intensity. That’s why you often see it in emergency signages. Meanwhile, blue is a color associated with peace, tranquility, and trust. Thus, it’s no coincidence that blue is a standard color for offices and conservative corporate brands.

A good example of a compelling website design is the Philadelphia design. The gray text stands out because of the green colors of the website. Green is associated with health, reinforcing that the website is a trusted healthcare provider. Another attractive color scheme is that of the Carmel design. The dark blue hues throughout the website help the white-colored text pop out, so the website is easy to read. The website design conveys a very sophisticated aura because of the colors used.

Developing the Best Eye Doctor Websites

Website design mash up.

Investing in a relevant and attractive eye doctor website can do wonders for your business. The right digital marketing tactics can make you stand out in an increasingly competitive business landscape. Your website design is vital for your practice’s success.

Having an excellent website design goes beyond aesthetics. You can establish your authority as a healthcare provider through a great website design. You can position yourself as a professional they can trust. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything alone. After all, you and your team have a lot on your plate.

Our team of marketing experts can help upgrade your eye doctor website so you can focus on what you do best. We’ll equip your website with all the features it needs to entice more people to try out your services and improve your online visibility.

Your website design might pave the way for missed opportunities if left unchanged. For more information on digital marketing packages that include a new professional website filled with the latest features, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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