3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Booking for Your Practice

Have you ever stopped to think how long it takes to get a patient from visiting your website to an actual in-person visit? From the moment your patients send a booking request to confirming appointments you receive online, the online booking process can be a stressful but necessary experience for your staff and your patients.

Filling long web forms can be very tedious for prospective patients visiting your site and you might not get as many appointment requests as you could be.

Dealing with messy online form data is a big pain point for many practices. As practitioners adapt to a new always-online way of doing business, basic online forms are just not cutting it anymore.

Currently, online forms tend to be disorganized, only capture basic patient information, and lack customization options that can lower the barrier of entry for your patients.

Form fills are just not worth the time where there are better, easier and more powerful options available for your practice. That’s where online booking comes in.

Why Your Practice Should Switch From Basic Appointment Forms

In this blog, we’ll go over the 3 most important reasons why your practice should consider incorporating online booking on your website instead of using basic appointment request forms.

Keep reading to see how your can take advantage of all the benefits that come with implementing an online booking solution.

1. Make the Appointment Booking Experience More Intuitive for Your Patients

When your patients are ready to book an appointment, they’ll want to do it as easily and quickly as possible in a way that feels intuitive to them. Incorporating a booking widget on your website can take care of that problem by letting them book an appointment that fits their schedule on their own time.

Allowing patients to see your real time availability, select a reason for their visit and preferred provider in a simple easy to use interface increases the chances your website visitors will convert into not just leads but qualified appointments. Practices using online booking get up to 30% more appointment requests versus ones that use only basic web forms.

Not only that, but patients can have a chance to book you from any place online where they find you, whether it’s your website, Facebook Page or Google My Business account so you can adapt to their browsing habits and reach them wherever they are.

Watch the Video Below to See Online Booking in Action.

Online booking lets you get more qualified leads by letting patients select when and what type of care they are looking for before their visit so you can be prepared to attend to them.

It’s a patient-friendly and forward-thinking way of offering your services to patients.

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2. Streamline the Appointment Confirmation Process for Your Staff 

Front desk staff is often caught up in the cat-and-mouse game that is confirming appointments, especially when booking request forms can only capture so much information.

No matter how interested a patient is in booking you, an unresponsive patient can cost you a profitable appointment, especially when all you have is a limited amount of information like a phone number or email address.

An online booking solution can give you more overall visibility and transparency by letting you see all of your patient booking requests in one place including patient information, booking time, requested date, preferred practitioner and booking source.

This way, you can easily confirm or deny appointment requests and send patients notifications before your staff books them into your practice management system, not to mention that having all of this information readily available drastically cuts down on time needed for office staff to manually add all info into your practice management system from scratch. 

See it in Action: Browse our Online Booking Ready Website Designs

3. Make the Most Out of Your Practicing Time

In the end, how good of a job you do in booking patients online is reflected on your bottom line. Making the most of how you or the practitioners at your practice handle their time is essential in maximizing your revenue.

Online booking can give you powerful and flexible calendars that let you carve out the exact days, practitioners and types of appointments your practice offers. That way you can keep full control of your schedule and only allow patients to schedule you when you are available to see them.

This is an entirely new way of generating not just more leads online, but more qualified booking requests that bring in more higher revenue appointments without relying on the limitations of outdated web forms.

You can keep a fully booked practice with the comfort in knowing the best available practitioner is working with just the right patient to make the most of their working hours for them and their business.

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A Better Way to Generate Patient Appointments Online

In Summary, online booking can help you seamlessly integrate an advanced patient-friendly appointment request solution that captures more information from your patients, lets you keep track and confirm appointments and even set up your own custom calendars that adapt to your practice’s needs.

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