10 Creative Optometry Website Design Ideas

A successful optometry practice goes hand in hand with digital marketing. Most potential patients Google your practice before making an appointment. Like any healthcare facility, people need to hear about your practice from somewhere. Whether it’s a recommendation from a friend, email, online review – any form of eye care marketing will affect the loyal clientele of your practice. 

Optometry websites are the next best thing to market your eye care business. It’s a great way to showcase your practice’s specialty services, products, location, reviews, and testimonials from patients. Today, most forms of marketing are done online – so don’t miss out on potential patients with a nonfunctional website design. Here are 10 effective and creative web design ideas that will generate more patients for your practice. 

Optometry website designs

1. Design an Interactive Website

Did you know 75% of website credibility comes from design? You don’t want to misrepresent your practice and lose potential patients to a bland site, so make sure your optometry website is informative, engaging, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. You want users to quickly access information about your practice. Here are some ideas to help you create an interactive optometry website:

  • Provide users the ability to request directions to your office based on their location
  • Include your practice’s phone number in the most visible part of your website (top or center) to make it easier for clients to contact you
  • Add an appointment request form option so patients do not have to call to schedule a visit and your office can run more efficiently
  • Upload existing and new patient intake forms to your site 
  • Place a search bar at the top of your blog page so visitors can easily access the blogs based on the keywords they search for like, home remedies for dry eyes, what to expect at your first eye exam, contacts vs. prescription lenses, etc. 
  • Install a live chat feature so users can communicate with your office online. This will also help streamline your practice. 
  • Add a contact us page with your email address, phone number, and the address t to your practice 
Vision Care Illustration & Infographic

2. Add Eye Care Illustrations & Infographics to Your Website

When it comes to eyesight and vision care, some people might not benefit from having to read entire paragraphs. Illustrations and infographics are very effective in conveying information about eye conditions, treatments, and best practices. Here are some illustrations and infographics ideas you can create:

  • The Best Eye Glasses For Your Face Shape
  • Contact Lenses Vs. Eye Glasses
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Contacts
  • Contact Lens Wear and Coronavirus
  • How to Stop Eye Twitching
  • What’s the Difference? Optician, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist
  • Top Signs It’s Time for an Eye Exam
  • How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy While At Work

Make sure your illustrations follow a consistent style and color scheme throughout your optometry website so that information can be passed on while simultaneously creating a unified look and establishing your brand’s image.

3. Use Video Animations to Create a Memorable User Experience

Some people are not familiar with video animations, but they are an attractive addition to your website design. Adding movement to an image on your website can capture users’ eyes and make them more interested in what they are looking at. Below are some video animation ideas you can explore for your eye care website:

  • Related Symptoms of Different Eye Conditions
  • How to Take Care of Your Eye Glasses
  • Practices That Cause Eye Strain
  • Best Food Picks for Optimal Eye Health
  • Improved Eyesight With Brand New Glasses

Be careful with creating and choosing the animation! Make sure that it supports the key message you are trying to communicate.

You can create a simple animation on your own if you have the skills or hire a freelancer to do it for you. You’ll be surprised at how you can make your message pop.

Prescription glasses over an eye exam

4. Incorporate Photos of Your Eye Care Products & Services

Let’s be honest – website visitors are drawn to pretty pictures. Take some time to invest in photos that showcase your vision products and services. You can even get a professional photographer and/or editor to do this for you. These photos can be used all over your optometry website, blog posts, email design, newsletter, office, etc. Here is a short list of what your eye care clinic should have onhand photos of:

  • New Glasses Designs and Frames
  • Customers With Various Face Shapes Wearing Your Eyeglasses
  • Available Contact Lenses For Sale

Make sure that your photos are unique and in line with your online presence. Otherwise, you will blend in with the rest, which leads us to the next idea. 

5. Establish Your Brand & Stand Out From Your Local Optometry Competitors

Find the right branding that suits and represents your eye care practice. Most business owners and eye doctors don’t know this, but establishing your brand is the first step to building a patient base.

Set yourself apart from other optometrists in your area with a compelling homepage. You can do this by highlighting the specialty services and products you offer that they don’t. Check out the photo below for a good example.

Optometry categories to add to your website (services)

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6. Publish Educational Eye Care Content on Your Website 

All the effort invested in producing high-quality content would go to waste if people don’t get to see it. Organize your optometry website in a way that showcases content about your practice. This can be blog posts, infographics, your specialties, and even five-star customer reviews. Another tactic you can leverage is using social media – like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Share your blogs, articles, infographics on your social media pages. It’s a great way to increase engagement and attract more users to your website. Here are some topics you can write blogs about and share: 

  • Feeling Eye Strain From Staring at a Screen All Day?
  • Invest in Brand New Eye Glasses
  • Improve Your Vision With Our Optometry Practice
  • Replace Your Old Contact Lens
  • Vision Care in the Time of COVID

7. Provide Complete Information to Your Website Visitors

Just because potential eye care patients make it to your website doesn’t mean they’re ready going to make an appointment. They might turn away if they fail to find information and details they need to know from your practice.

One way to ensure that they’ll get in touch with you is by having clear information on your homepage and throughout your website. The latest information about your optometry practice should be easily located. Otherwise, visitors will look for another optometry website that can provide them with the information they are looking for. Be sure to include the following details:

  • Locations and Branches (if you have more than one practice) 
  • Contact Number/s
  • Email Address
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

Having complete information on your eye care website ensures that potential patients will be more likely to get in touch with you.

A character recording a video

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Videos

We often underestimate how effective videos can be, so this is another great way to provide your website visitors with a good user experience. A silent or captioned video might be the way to go because people are turned off by the loud autoplay videos or audio. Make sure that your video is of great quality because it will boast of your reputation in the field of eye care.

Videos are a great form of content because they are dynamic and exciting. Your branding can be strengthened by just one short video, like any of the following:

  • Bad Habits That Will Harm Your Eyes
  • 5 Quick Ways To Maintain Your Eye Glasses
  • How To Quickly Change Your Contact Lens
  • Signs That It’s Time An Optometry Check-Up
  • How To Know If Your Eyeglasses Need Replacing

Investing in these videos is a simple way to take your optometry website to the next level.

9. Have an Easy-to-Use Optometry Website Navigation 

While an optometry website should be clean and refined, this doesn’t mean it has to be dull. People still long for an exciting user experience on the web! Make sure that navigation on your website is fun and easy. The last thing you want is to turn away visitors because they couldn’t figure out how to get to another page. The best way to do this is by testing your own website out and pinpointing if there is any part that is slow or confusing for you.

10. Hire Professionals to Execute Your Practice’s Design for You

We understand you are a busy eye care practice and you may not have time to implement these ten effective website design ideas. Our team of experts can save you time and manage your website along with your marketing needs. Let us help you so you can then focus on other aspects of your practice such as providing great eye care and the best customer service to your patients.

Give us a call at 800.792.8384 or click here to learn more about our eye digital marketing services. 

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