5 Tips to Create a Great Demonstration Video

One of the best ways for a business to get the message out on what products and services they offer is through a demonstration video. This type of video showcases a certain product, how it works, or a new and innovative procedure. It can also focus on helpful tips for clients to use at home or in their daily life. By following the 5 tips listed below, you will create a demonstration video of your own that you can feel great about.

Identify Your Target Audience

Make sure you know who you are speaking to. If the video is demonstrating a new piece of equipment in your office, be sure that you focus on how the equipment works and how it benefits your clients. Stay on point, do not to stray away from that by going into the history of it. Your viewers will be more interested in what it can do for them than how it came about.

Write a Script

Lay out what you want to cover in the video, type it up, and practice what you have. You may need to re-write it multiple times before you film it. Knowing what you want to say will help you appear more confident in your video. You are the expert and should appear that way.

Keep it Short

You will want to keep your video length around 90 seconds or less for maximum effect. Audiences will become impatient if the video is too long. Staying focused and on point will help you get your information across in a timely manner. If more information is needed, create a second video and let your audience know to continue watching.

Be Clear in Your Message

If you are demonstrating something that they can do at home, be sure to actually show what it is you want them to do. Words alone may not be enough. This can cause confusion. Clearly state what you want them to do in easy-to-understand terms and through visual cues.

Have a Plan to Distribute the Video

Plan out where you want your audience to view the video. Will it be through your social media pages such as Facebook and Google+? Will it be on your website in an easily accessible area? Will it be in a newsletter that goes out regularly to your contact list? Knowing where you will be posting the video can determine your audience and the content of the video as well.
Demonstration videos have become a necessary step in growing a business and an audience. Creating these for your clients shows that you go the extra step and care about your clients enough to educate them.
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