3 Reasons Your Clinic Should Explore Chiropractic Video Marketing

If there were a rising star in 2021, it would very likely be video when it comes to digital marketing. Today, video marketing has become one of the fastest-growing platforms for marketing. Digital video marketing is reeling in more brands and more money as it has become a $135 billion industry. As a result, many businesses and brands are starting to see how valuable this avenue is and are starting to make it a staple in their marketing strategies.

According to Biteable, 60% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool, so generating video content is more beneficial than ever!

This lets you know how beneficial it is for chiropractors to include chiropractic video marketing into their promotional strategies. You’ll have a greater chance of getting more visitors to watch your videos and visit your practice’s website.

In this guide, we will help you add video marketing into your practice’s content strategy and give you a few ideas on how to use digital marketing for chiropractors to attract more patients!

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The Benefits of Creating Videos for Your Chiro Practice

If you want to understand the significance of video marketing, take a look at your website through the eyes of a possible new patient. Would you prefer to read a page of text or watch a video when learning about a new service? 69% of people would prefer a video

1. Video is Easier to Consume 

Video is a medium that allows viewers to process and remember information considerably more easily. For example, viewers are more likely to remember something they saw in an entertaining, fast-paced chiropractic video than something they read in a long text.

In your chiropractic practice, you may need to explain complicated issues to your patients differently.

Not only do patients obtain the information they need easier, but they also get to meet the doctor with whom they will be working. Before the patient meets you, you may opt to use a chiropractic video to build a relationship with them. Then, when a patient walks into your clinic for the first time, you begin to gain their trust. Similarly, these educational videos aid in the easy breakdown of any conditions, therapies, or other difficult issues for your patients and other viewers.

If that doesn’t convince you, we have more in store about why making videos for your chiropractic practice is beneficial. Adding a video to your blog is a great way to catch the attention of your patient. They add more interesting content for your patient to be engaged in, making their overall experience even better. Additionally, it is known that information from videos is better retained than that of information from static text.

2. Video is Popular With Search Engines

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Content that engages viewers is what search engines are looking for. Nothing entices people to visit more pages and stay on a page longer than a video. Therefore, if you organize your chiropractic YouTube channel and upload these videos to your website, your visibility, and chances of appearing in search are greatly enhanced. As search engines continue to rank websites with videos higher, the more beneficial it is to continue with this practice of including videos in your web pages. 

Videos also are most likely to be shared by viewers. So it’s a great way to engage those who come across your website and even viewers who see the content shared by others. 

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3. Videos Give Your Practices Personality

Incorporating video content into your chiropractic website helps to personalize your practice. Consumers nowadays prefer to look for professionals with distinct identities. When you feature yourself and how you conduct your practice in your videos, you can establish and increase your authority in your field. Additionally, your future patients may already start building trust and confidence in your expertise. 

Chiropractic Video Marketing Ideas

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Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of chiropractic video marketing, let’s look at some video ideas for your practice ranging from short to long-form.

As we said above, the use of video content to connect and promote interest in businesses is an excellent way to increase the number of people who see your original content. It also appeals to mobile consumers, encourages social page sharing, and increases conversions. Try out any of these suggestions to get you started to create quality chiropractor videos!

You can include the following elements to your videos: 

  • Chiropractic FAQs for Patients: Add common questions like “what do chiropractors treat? Does my insurance plan cover a visit to the chiropractor?”
  • Patient testimonials: Featuring short and sweet testimonials about previous patients’ experiences (with their full consent, of course) may help build trust with future patients.
  • A Tour of Your Practice: Your patient’s comfort is always top of mind, and showcasing your practice through a tour is a great way to give them that boost. Allowing them to be familiar with the place gives them the opportunity to be at ease when they finally visit in person. 
  • An Intro Video of You and Your Staff Getting to Know Their Patients: Being able to assure future patients that you can communicate comfortably is important. It shows that you can foster a good relationship and be comfortable sharing crucial information about their conditions that they may be embarrassed about. 

Create Educational Videos to Attract New Patients to Your Clinic

Producing chiro-specific videos is an excellent method to get your material into the hands of current patients, as well as people who are curious about chiropractic care.

These videos can not just depict your chiropractic services. They can also serve as part of your email marketing strategy online!

Some examples are as follows:

  • Performing a Chiropractic Adjustment on a Patient: Sharing videos of an appointment is a great step towards patient education. Videos allow patients to understand complicated procedures better or ease any discomfort should they be nervous about an appointment.
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Specific Situations: Treatment provided by a chiropractor has a wide variety of benefits for particular situations; some of these are sports-enhancing performance and recovery from injuries and care after auto accidents for whiplash and other similar injuries.
  • Helpful Tips and Tricks: Videos talking about the importance of good posture, causes of lower back and neck pain, chiropractic for sciatica, treatment for headaches can be short and simple videos that your patients can easily share.

Sharing Your Chiropractic Videos Across All Platforms

Making marketing strategy content ideas your patients will love is the key to retain and generate new patients. Once your videos are recorded and edited, they’re ready to be distributed. It would be best to share your videos on more than one platform to maximize your reach and increase views. So, how can you widen your online presence?

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Share to Your Social Media Pages

Posting your videos to social media can give you exposure that you never imagined. Not only will your current patients be able to watch, but so will potential patients as well as those who want to learn more about chiropractic services and chiropractors. Post on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach various audiences. 

Taking Advantage of Youtube

Sharing video on YouTube from mobile device.

Did you know that 86 percent of U.S. viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things? That’s a big percentage, and that’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Youtube is perfect for those longer, educational videos where you provide viewers with a lot of information. 

Of course, you’ll face a lot of competition if you’re starting up with a YouTube channel for your chiropractic practice. But, you’ll have a greater chance to generate more visitors to your videos and your practice’s website if you take the time to organize and manage your chiropractic YouTube channel.

Send to Patients Through Email

After using the must-have features for your chiropractic website, and putting the time and effort to make a fantastic video, it now deserves to be shared with your current email list. You may also make a monthly schedule and pick which videos you wish to deliver to your patients. Email marketing is another compelling digital marketing strategy. You can improve engagement, appointments, long-term connections, and recommendations by directly contacting your patients.

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Video Marketing Tips

A camera highlighting chiropractic tips.

Many businesses, including your local competition, are vying for the attention of potential patients. So, if you want to step up your game, you have to create unique chiropractic marketing strategies to attract new patients.

When exploring effective chiropractic video marketing techniques for your office, it’s vital to consider both conventional and digital marketing efforts. Here are a few different major video marketing tips to take note of:

  • Avoid low light when recording videos
  • Speak loud and clear so that viewers can understand the information you are relaying
  • Avoid unnecessarily long videos. It’s fine to have long-form videos for educational purposes, but you want to keep your audience’s attention and not bore or overwhelm them. So get right to the point
  • Show your personality, so viewers get an idea of who you are 
  • Monitor your results so you can analyze which videos are performing the best and why 
  • Include a CTA in your video, so you don’t leave your viewers hanging. Insert your website’s URL, office phone number, etc. to convert a view into a new patient
  • Create content for your patients and what interests them or is valuable in some way

The key to bringing in new patients is striking a combination of these tips and implementing them into a quality series of videos. Learn more about how we can create professional videos for your practice.

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Make Video Marketing Part of Your Chiropractic Strategy 

Adding video to your marketing strategy can help spread your knowledge and increase awareness and revenue for your practice. For more information on what other aspects should be included in your strategy, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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