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How to Utilize Call Tracking

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How to Utilize Call Tracking

We’ve talked a lot about how to track metrics on your website or social media pages, but what about the phone calls into your office?

It’s likely that many of your appointments are made over the phone, but sometimes it can be difficult to discern how these callers found your business. Were they recommended to you by a current client? Did they dial you directly from a PPC advertisement? You may never know!

Unless . . . you start using call tracking.

It’s important to identify where your calls are coming from because this allows you to determine which of your marketing efforts are working best and which may need a little fine tuning. Plus, learning how to use call tracking will give you greater control over how you receive and manage calls at your practice.

Before we go any further, let’s first define the term “call tracking”.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking refers to the process of collecting data about your business’s phone calls to learn how interested clients found your practice. Essentially, it’s a more refined, accurate version of asking “how did you hear about us” to your callers!

Typically, you will use software or a program that will allow you to create different phone numbers for various campaigns so that you are able to attribute calls to those sources. To help the program better identify those sources, you’ll need separate phone numbers. So, you may have a different phone number for your website, PPC ads, and email campaigns so that you can easily track the success of each.

Why is call tracking important for my practice?

Call tracking can be an incredibly valuable marketing asset in your industry! As a local business that provides appointment-based services, your practice would greatly benefit from tracking how those appointments are being made.

If you don’t have call tracking, you could waste money on strategies that aren’t working for your business or fail to realize how well another strategy is performing. For example, maybe you’ve noticed an influx of calls into your office recently, but you’re not sure where they are stemming from.

You might assume that word-of-mouth is spreading or your website is bringing in new calls, but it could have actually been your most recent PPC campaign! So instead of taking notes on what worked about your campaign and capitalizing on your PPC strategy, you’re unable to identify how you should best move forward.

Similarly, you could assume it’s a new paid ad you posted online and funnel more money into Google Ads when the calls are really stemming from an ad you created for Facebook.

Either way, call tracking can help you avoid these common problems.

How to use call tracking

Now that we have a better understanding of what call tracking is, let’s dive deeper