How Your Clinic Can Benefit from Multiple Frame Sales

If you’re looking to boost sales and profits for your practice this year, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through additional eyewear frame sales.
Around a third of eyeglass wearers use more than one pair of eyeglasses, according to the MBA. While for most people the second pair tends to be prescription sunglasses, an increasing number of eyeglass wearers are opting to purchase multiple regular-wear eyeglass frames for different purposes.
With the trend of multiple pairs of eyeglasses gaining traction, eye care providers can boost sales and revenues by recognizing opportunities for multiple frame sales and catering to those buyers. Here are some of the elements of success in preparing for and promoting multiple frame sales to your customers and patients:
Stock Appropriate Inventory
Of course, in order to meet the demand and interest in multiple frames, you’ll have to have the inventory on hand. Keep your frames selection well stocked, especially the most highly sought after brands and styles.
Discount Additional Frame Purchases
As an added incentive to customers and patients, offer a discount on the second pair of frames purchased. Consider additional discounts for each additional pair they buy.
Educate Your Customers and Patients
Every eyeglass lens customer should receive appropriate information about your complete line of frames. Instruct staff to talk to clients and patients about the benefits of multiple pairs of glasses and give an overview of the different styles and brands that your practice keeps in stock.
Cater to Individual Needs
Recommending Glassses
Beyond just giving a sales pitch, have your employees talk to clients and patients on a more personal level and get to know their needs. Asking about their work life, interests and hobbies can yield insights into what types of additional frames might be ideal for them. Staff can then make recommendations to clients and patients regarding the best frame types to help meet their wants and needs.
Integrate Sales Talk Naturally
Staff members should bring up the option of multiple pairs of glasses in the exam room as a natural part of the conversation. They can talk about the many benefits of having multiple pairs of glasses, which include:
• Prescription sunwear is a great option and offers UV protection
• If one pair becomes damaged, you’ll always have a backup
• Computer glasses make technology use safer and more comfortable for the eyes
• Glasses can be a stylish fashion accessory
• You can accent different parts of your personality or change styles to fit your mood
• With so many styles available today, why settle for just one pair?
Promote a Friendly Rivalry Among Staff
sales_competitionConsider creating a commission structure, sales competition or other incentive program to encourage staff to upsell additional frames with every transatction. Offer bonuses or prizes to first, second and third place performers.
Eye care providers looking to boost their sales should strongly consider promoting multiple eyeglass frame sales. By staying aware of trends and keeping an abundance of styles in stock, your eye care clinic can meet your customers’ needs while becoming more profitable in the process.


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