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8 Reasons Why You Need an Online Store Today

//8 Reasons Why You Need an Online Store Today

8 Reasons Why You Need an Online Store Today

Did you know that worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2020?
E-commerce retailers made $322.17 billion in sales revenue in the US alone in 2016. We’re sharing
8 advantages of e-commerce stores in this article and include how practitioners who have both a retail store front in their office and an online store can expand their clientele and sales.

The advantages of e-commerce aren’t always apparent when you run a successful small business and sell your products in the office. However, there are some big perks to adding an online store to your website.


8 Advantages of E-Commerce Stores with Retail Store Fronts

1. Your Products are Available 24/7
While having product in your office can help give your clients an idea of what you recommend, allowing them to purchase from you online will open the door to more sales. They don’t have to drive over to your office to pick up their product or order that last minute necessity, they can have it delivered to their door!

2. Reach a New Audience with Search Engine Visibility
In addition to the branding and relationships you create in your office, adding an online store will increase the traffic to your website through search engines. When potential customers search for a product that you carry, those results will show up in their searches.

3. Lower the Cost of Your Retail
With an online presence, you can gauge how popular items are and only carry a certain number of products in your office. You also will be able to expand your product selection with little overhead cost. You don’t need additional personnel, advertising and marketing are less expensive, and you won’t have to take up valuable real estate in your office..

4. Create Targeted Communication Around Sales
By having a clear example of what products your clients are buying, you can target their interests through communication and marketing. You can also use this information for planning sales, offers, and discounts to products and services. Keep this information all online so that these conversations don’t cut into valuable office time during the client’s appointment.

5. Showcase Your Best Products
When you have proven products, like the best dog food on the market or high end eyeglasses that you know customers will love, being able to highlight them front and center in your online store will make it easier for your customers to find. You know that other customers have purchased the same product and were happy with them so you know these products will likely benefit other customers as well.

6. Continue the Customer Experience
While many customers will travel to purchase a specific product from their provider, allowing them the chance to continue to receive great service through your online store will deepen the customer experience and create a better connection to your brand.

7. Try Before You Buy
Since many business practitioners have their own storefront, you have a huge benefit to running both a storefront in-person and online. You can also offer samples of product in office and direct clients to order online or in-store at their convenience. You’ll build brand recognition and drive more sales if the client enjoys the sample you’ve given them. This is also a great way to receive feedback on product offerings.

8. Increase Brand Awareness
Brand awareness is the amount of familiarity consumers have with a particular brand. This includes the name, logo, jingle, or any defining characteristics that the public associates with a brand. Customers research online first, whether they buy online or in-store. Having an online presence helps makes sure that potential customers find your product information and are able to comparison shop. When they do a product search online, you want to be listed among the top results.

iStore is Your Online Store Solution

Did you know that the average customer retention rate for businesses with multiple sales channels is 91%? And 85% of consumers want an integrated experience across online and in-person retail. Are you interested in starting to sell on your website now? Sell anywhere, anytime and watch your business grow with the new iStore. Give your clients the convenience of purchasing your products online and in person.

The iStore is an e-commerce platform that helps to easily create a bold, easy to use online store and start selling anywhere online. It’s ideal for your small and medium sized business and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing iMatrix website. iStore lets you organize your products, customise your storefront, accept credit card payments, and track and respond to orders.

Interested in integrating the iStore into your website? Give us a call today at 800.462.8749 to get set up!

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