Different Types of Ad Extensions

There has been plenty of talk about Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express. If you are marketing online, you have more than likely already used this service or have been introduced to the service.  Once you step into the AdWords realm, it is important to utilize all the tools that Google provides to create successful AdWords campaigns.
These tools, called AdWords extensions, cannot only give you a boost in your ad ranking but can often make or break your campaigns. Google has stressed that these extensions are important to the success of your campaign, especially the following:
•    Sitelinks
•    Location
•    Call
•    Social

Google AdWords Search Ads for Optometrists

Sitelinks extensions are most important in the mobile realm. They are the additional pages of your website (services, contact, specific product, etc.). They enable your ad to take up more real estate on mobile devices and they have the ability to target what a potential client may be looking to purchase.
Location extensions are important for two reasons. First, the address is clearly stated for the potential client with a clickable link to Google maps. Second, you are utilizing Google’s product (Google + for business) to emphasize that. So you are not only attracting new clients, but you are also integrating another Google product.
Call extensions are important for every business owner to be able to track leads that the ad  brings in. Without proper tracking data, money is easily wasted on ads that are not providing you a ROI. In the realm of not only SEO but AdWords, data is key to moving in the correct direction, but also attaining the proper ROI.
Social extensions (Google + specifically) are great to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad because they allow users to see the ratings that your business has received.
The reason Ad extensions are so important to your AdWords campaign is that they set you apart from the competition. Additionally, as we know with all Google products, the more complete a profile is fleshed out the more “points” you receive to a better overall rating. It is the same with Google AdWords, so keep this in mind if you are considering creating a campaign or already have one.
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