How Dr. Peter Goldman Became Visible Online With ChiroMatrix

Dr. Peter Goldman, founder of Zone School of Healing, discusses how working with ChiroMatrix improved his practice’s online presence. See how he used content to engage and educate his patients to increase appointments, got to the first page of Google and ranked above the competition before founding the Zone School of Healing and the Zone Technique.

The following is a transcript of our interview with Dr. Goldman.

Which of Our Digital Marketing Services Did You Use? 

“When I first was approached many, many years ago by ChiroMatrix, they were kind of promising me the world. They were like, we’re great at SEO, this, that. Now, I had a very, very successful practice at the time, not even really using or relying on marketing. But I was like, hey, maybe I’ll do it.

The city I was in at the time, if you Google chiropractor in that city, I was like on the 11th page, although I had a very successful practice. I wasn’t really too dialed into the SEO or the website stuff. 

But I remember they told me that they would have me on the first or second page within a very short time. It sounded unbelievable, but they did it. So I just want to say I’ve never forgotten that.”

What Did You Like About Those Services?

“My first very good thought when I think of ChiroMatrix and the stuff that I’ve done with them is their SEO work is incredible. That’s number one. Number two– as time went on, they really improved their websites, and their websites look better and better. 

So between their websites and their SEO, that was my fantastic experience, and I do know they have many other services for chiropractors that might want to take advantage of those.“

How Important Would You Say Online Marketing is To Chiro Practices Currently?

“Obviously, if a chiropractor gets amazing healing results, they’re going to get a ton of referrals, and their practice is going to be huge. With that said, people are on their phones all the time, their laptops, whatever, and they’re searching. They’re like, hey, I want a chiropractor. 

I live in the city– best chiropractor in the city or chiropractor anywhere. So having a great online presence in 2022 and going forward– it’s kind of a must. “

What’s The First Thing Chiropractors Should Do When Looking to Market Their Practice Online?

“What a chiropractor should do if they’re a ChiroMatrix client or they’re going to become a ChiroMatrix client is talk to someone there and say, look, show me your menu. What are all the things you can do, from the site to the SEO to all these other things and services ChiroMatrix offers, and then just see what’s most logical. What’s their budget, what they want to spend, and what’s the predicted outcome of doing these things?

The great benefit from SEO is it’s simple. Like I said earlier, like someone– let’s say you’re in town XYZ and someone Googles or searches for a chiropractor in that town. And before you start with ChiroMatrix, you’re like, man, I’m on the 11th page. 

And then, in the not too distant future, you’re moving up. You’re at the third page, the second page, maybe at the bottom of the first page, or wherever it is. For me, it was, as I mentioned earlier, shockingly quick. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was ranking. I think I was on the second page in like just a few weeks, and I think we got to the bottom of the first page. “

How Would You Describe ChiroMatrix to Your Colleagues?

“ChiroMatrix is a very professional corporation, and it’s interesting because, as we know, when you deal with different businesses out there, sometimes their facade is very, very professional, but once you start interacting with them, it can be a little disappointing at times. 

But ChiroMatrix– they keep their word, they do what they say, they’re very professional, they’re very polite. They either get what you need done quickly, or at least they’ll get back to you and give you a realistic time frame. So I’m a fan of ChiroMatrix.”

What Else Can You Tell Us About Zone School of Healing?

“If you’re a chiropractor, only one of two kinds of patients are walking into your office. One are patients with musculoskeletal issues, and two are patients with systemic issues. When it comes to the healing of the musculoskeletal, Zone Technique is unparalleled. 

When it comes to the healing of the non-musculoskeletal, the systemic, Zone Technique is unparalleled. So when you join Zone School, you get immediate and lifetime access to 50 hours of me teaching you the highest principles of healing and the zone technique within a week, two, three, four weeks. 

Certainly, within a couple of months, you become an expert at it. Your results become way, way, way better. And when your results become better, your practice grows. What have I heard hundreds of times? Joining Zone School is the best decision of my healing career. Go to to join. Looking forward to helping you.“

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Author: Juan Mejia

Juan Mejia is an experienced content creator with more than a decade of multimedia storytelling experience. He’s worked as a journalist, content writer and video editor in the technology, healthcare and digital marketing industries. Juan writes ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and other multimedia content for iMatrix, providing expert knowledge in digital content marketing.

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