How to Highlight Your Business on Video

Online video drives traffic and keeps visitors on your website. It’s a wonderful tool to make your website more dynamic, interactive, and a great way to showcase your practice. How can you highlight your practice? Let’s take a look at a few ways to highlight your practice on video.

Get Client Reviews on Video

Current clients can leave written reviews on sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp. This has become one of the most commonly used practices for showcasing a business, and it does have an impact. But what about getting a review on video? Research shows people tend to engage with video more deeply than text articles. What can this mean for your business? A client review on video will have a bigger impact because the viewer gets a better feeling for your business.
Get Client Reviews on Video
Written reviews still have influential powers. Potential clients read them to make a decision about your business. However, a video testimonial can be even more persuasive. A video testimonial creates a more engaging experience before a potential client even makes his or her first appointment.

Highlighting a Service

Explain services or products that you offer.  Get creative with your video by creating a visual example of a certain service.
Creating a “How to” video is a great way to highlight a service you offer at your practice. For instance a chiropractor who offers Kinetic Taping can create a video for clients on how to properly tape a problematic shoulder.
You can also highlight services with a particular client review of your service. The client’s personal experience with a particular service will better engage the viewer. Since word of mouth is still the best way to promote, why not put word of mouth on video?

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Why should a potential patient or client select your business? What makes your practice special or unique?  Have you won awards for the services you provide? Do you help sponsor a local community event or recreational team? Or have you celebrated a big milestone of serving your area for the past 10 years? If the answer is yes, video is a great way to highlight your achievements.
There are endless possibilities to highlight your practice on video. Get creative with video and with your practice. One of the greatest things about video is that users can engage and interact with your videos.
Get more tips on how to highlight your practice using video. Call 1-800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant about using video for your practice.

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