How to Write a Content Page

Over the past 14 years, iMatrix has developed and perfected our recipes for effective websites and results-driven online marketing solutions. These tried-and-true recipes have brought success to numerous small businesses and practitioners. Our recipes are so good; they have even helped us earn a prestigious Google Premier Partner title!
With written content being a huge part of every website and an important factor in establishing online credibility, we wanted to share our formula for content pages. This master recipe, which you can download here, gives you the basic format for creating any website content page. Use it as the basis for your Homepage, Services, About Us pages and more, and tweaks as necessary to fit your personal taste. This recipe was created with both users and search engines in mind, so the end result should yield an optimized page that ranks highly on search results pages.

It’s our hope you’ll try this and all our recipes to boost your online presence or perhaps add a bit of spice to your marketing! Get this and all our recipes for a delicious online presence in our cookbook, Website Recipes You’ll Love. Download it here

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