Is Your Outdated Website Costing You Clients?

You keep your office modern and up-to-date, but can you say the same for your website? First impressions are key, so if your website looks old and outdated, it is most definitely costing your practice new clients and may be time for some website maintenance. Your website should offer a glimpse into what clients could expect from a visit to your office. According to a study conducted by Adobe, 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the imagery or layout is unattractive, and 39 percent will stop engaging if images won’t load. If your website looks dull, tired, or worse, won’t load properly, it’s likely visitors will move on to a competitor. And all it takes to turn that around is some website maintenance.

A Great First Impression

iMatrix website maintenanceYou will not get another chance to make that first impression on web visitors, which is why the homepage on your website is the most important page. Think of it as your office door. If visitors peer in, will they want to stay? Your homepage should answer who you are, what you do, and why prospective clients should choose your practice. You only have a mere second to make an impact – dense text with an unclear message will steer visitors away fast.
Rather than cram in as much information as possible on the homepage, use headings to highlight important topics, and break up blocks of heavy text to make it easier for visitors to scan. White space with plenty of room makes it easy to digest the information, so prospective clients are not overwhelmed or confused about the services you offer at your practice. A homepage that’s sleek and informative is sure to take prospective leads and convert them into your next clients.
Apply the same concepts of open space and minimal text on every page of your website, not just the homepage. Your website should guide your visitors through a journey. If they’re confused by multiple links grabbing their attention, cluttered images, or multiple fonts and colors, visitors will leave your website. There is a delicate balance between showcasing their services your practice offers and overwhelming the visitor with too much information.

Attract and Convert

Clear messaging with easy-to-find information is guaranteed to get you more clients. Your website should not be a guessing game – your contact information, practice hours, and location all be placed in a visible spot, so visitors do not feel like they are playing a game of hide-and-seek.
There are many elements that combine into converting visitors into clients. However, they are necessary! Your practice helps your clients feel their best. If your website does not reflect that, how can clients trust you for their personal needs? A beautiful, professionally designed website is the best tool to help you stay ahead of the competition and gain the trust of future clients.

Don’t Forget Website Maintenance

It’s important to continually look at your home page and website as a whole to make sure that any updates are made in a timely manner. Set a reminder on your calendar once a month to look at your website on both a desktop and mobile device and make sure that the site reflects the most up-to-date information. This little bit of website maintenance will help alleviate headaches down the road. And it’ll give you an idea of what prospective clients see every time they go to your website.

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