Increase Your Pool of Potential Patients by Marketing to Athletes

Your marketing plan may seem comprehensive, but there’s a good chance that you’re completely missing a huge segment of the population. This segment would likely sign up for your chiropractic services right away – if only they were specifically targeted.
Athletes are natural customers of chiropractic services thanks to the high amounts of physical stress their bodies are subjected to. Alas, the connection often doesn’t get made because of insufficient marketing to this segment of the population. This means your practice could be left with fewer patients, and athletes with fewer health options. Fixing this problem requires marketing directly to athletes so that they are aware that your clinic can help them.
5 Steps for Marketing to Athletes
Determine Your Target Audience. Since amateur athletes play locally, it’s important to tie your marketing in with whichever sports are popular near your clinic. Be aware that sports that are popular to watch on TV aren’t necessarily the ones that are popular to play. Look at parks and other such locations to see what types of games are in progress, check out ads for local match-ups, and ask around to see which ones draw direct participation.
Bring Them In with a Physical. Every athlete wants to start the season off in great shape. Offer a free or discounted athletic physical to catch their attention and get them to take the step of coming into your office. If you choose to charge for the physical, donating some or all of the profits to a local athletics program will generate goodwill.
Be Sure to Use Your Website. Almost everyone looks online to find information now. Add informational content directed toward athletes, and make sure this content addresses physical issues they face – and that chiropractic care can help with. If you have any testimonials from athletic people, be sure to add them, as well. If using targeted paid online advertisements, such as Google AdWords, consider keywords that target the athletic set.
Use Your Social Media Accounts, Too. Post or tweet quick tips for athletes, inspirational comments, and other content of interest. Regular posting of such material will keep your clinic in the minds of your intended patients, and when they need care, they’ll think of you.
Add Partners. Bring other types of professionals under your clinic’s roof so that you can offer more comprehensive services to athletes and other patients. Massage therapists, physical therapists, and trainers are all good additions. Best of all, these professionals can serve many types of patients, so they can increase overall interest in your clinic.
These are just some of the ways you can market your chiropractic clinic to athletes and tap into the large pool of amateurs in your area. For even more marketing help, contact us here at ChiroMatrix. We specialize in helping chiropractic practices reach their full potential through the use of digital marketing.

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