How to Maximize The Use of Your Online Payment Solution

Do you accept online payments? If so, finding a payment service provider that can maximize the use of your online payment solution should be a priority for your small business. Not only can it save you time, but it can save you money as well.

Maximize The Use of Your Online Payment Solution

Being able to have control over what you’re getting with an online payment solution is important. Whether you’re looking for a solution for credit card processing, a POS system, or mobile payment tools, reducing the headache of unknown fees is important.

With Gravity Payments, you can utilize all of the tools you need to run your business effectively and save on cost.

Finding the Right Payment Service Provider for Patient Financial Services

Do you know what you’re paying in credit card processing fees right now? You can find out and see what it really costs to use the system you currently have in place by utilizing this effective rate calculator.
In addition to the lack of hidden fees, here are some key factors to consider when finding a payment service provider for your online payment solution that’s right for your business:

  • Seamless integration with POS hardware and software systems
  • Acceptance of card-not-present transactions (eCommerce, online gateways, MOTO)
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Hosted payment acceptance forms
  • PCI compliance

User-Friendly E-Commerce Solutions

If you offer products or services online or need to accept online transactions for patient financial services, having an eCommerce solution that allows your business to process payments seamlessly and stay at the forefront of technology is key.

The integration of an e-commerce solution should be easy and flexible. Integration with a majority of online payment platforms will help smooth the transition. And with any solution, maximum security is needed to protect your business and your clients’ information against data thieves.

Mobile Payments

Want to accept payments in the exam room? Whether you want to take credit cards by iPhone, iPad, tablet, or any other mobile device, you’ll need to consider the ability to find a payment service provider for online payment solutions that accommodate your mobile business needs.
Just like with eCommerce and POS needs, being able to integrate with any existing payment platforms you currently use will help make your system flow better without adding too many updates.
In addition, access to updated stats about how your business is performing will be helpful in the system you choose. And the ability to scale your business to accommodate growth will also factor in as you take your business on the go.

Point of Sale (POS)

When thinking about online payment solutions, it’s not all about your online sales. You will also have to consider the sales you make at the office as well. And you shouldn’t have to adjust how you run your business for one machine.
Instead, you should find a POS solution that seamlessly fits into your business and supports your online sales. Finding a payment service provider with an online payment solution that works with all kinds of POS companies will help you identify the solution directly suited for your current operations.
And once you’ve decided on a system, on-site training will help you train your staff and give you additional answers you may have to questions that come up between deciding on a system and actually integrating it into your everyday practice. Support, once a system is installed, will also make the transition seamless.

Gravity Payments for Online Payment Solutions

Since 2004, Gravity Payments has brought the best business solutions to its clients. Whether you’re new to accepting credit cards or want to switch to a partner you can trust, Gravity Payments is here to take care of your business’s unique needs.
Now through an innovative partnership, VetMatrix clients can take advantage of the benefits Gravity Payments offers for online payment solutions. Call 866.642.3203 or click on the button below to get started today!

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