17 Optometry Podcasts Eye Care Professionals Should Listen To

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for consuming educational, entertaining, and newsworthy content. Nowadays, there are podcast series about anything and everything under the sun.

Podcasts take inspiration from the old form of media, radio shows. Podcasts have proven successful because they can be listened to anytime, anywhere. As with any form of media, different podcast series are available. Nowadays, there are optometry podcasts that give listeners a glimpse into the optometry lifestyle.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the ten seventeen optometry podcast channels you should subscribe to.

Optometry Podcasts

Ophthalmology off the Grid by Eyetube

Since 2016, Ophthalmology off the Grid by Eyetube has been discussing controversial topics in the optometric business. Hosted by Dr. Blake Williamson and Dr. Gary Wortz, this podcast delves into the latest developments in the optometric industry.

Eyecare professionals are invited to discuss innovative surgeries and procedures to give insight into the future of optometry. What makes this podcast series so popular is although the topics can be serious, the hosts handle interviews with great humor. You won’t get bored listening to industry experts dish out advice on achieving work-life balance and even financial success.

Optometrists should subscribe to this podcast because it highlights the latest in eye health research. Instead of reading journal articles by industry experts, you can learn a lot just by listening to key opinion leaders in the optometry field.

This optometry podcast has over a hundred episodes published online. You can subscribe to the channel via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music.

Optical Journal Podcast

Optical Journal Podcast

Optical Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast about newsmakers, artists, artisans, marketers, opticians, and optometrists who make optical better. Hosted by Daniel Feldman, this podcast invites not only eye doctors but also eyewear brand owners from around the globe.

Optometrists can get a lot of insight from the eyecare industry by listening to this podcast. You learn not only the latest ideas in the field but also fashion predictions and trends to take patient experiences to the next level.

Daniel speaks to market leaders from different parts of the globe, giving you insight into what other markets are doing. You can even learn about the latest news in contact lenses so you can provide the best advice to your patients.

With over two hundred episodes online, every episode lasts 15 to 30 minutes. You can subscribe to this podcast on Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

BrightFocus Chats

BrightFocus Chats monthly podcasts

BrightFocus Chats is a monthly podcast dedicated to conversations between scientists and eye care experts. In this podcast, the shows focus on macular degeneration, how to manage vision loss and exciting scientific breakthroughs.

Optometrists interested in the future of the industry can learn a lot by listening to this particular podcast. They even feature patients with complex eye issues so the audience can understand the physical and psychological challenges of advanced vision problems.

If you’re an optometry student who wants to take your learning beyond the classroom, you can get practical advice on the optometry lifestyle from industry leaders through this podcast. Their candid conversations will shed some light on what the future of the eye care profession will look like.

BrightFocus Chats has over seventy episodes published online. Every episode lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. You can tune in to this podcast on the BrightFocus website and Apple Podcasts.

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Ophthalmology Innovation Podcast

Ophthalmology Innovation Podcast

Leaders in the ophthalmology industry convene together several times a year. Through the Ophthalmology Innovation Podcast, ophthalmology’s innovators regularly convene to offer knowledge on the latest ways to fight eye diseases. This weekly podcast is hosted by Ehsan Sadri, Firas Rahhal, Paul Karpecki, and Robert Rothman.

What makes this one of the best optometry podcasts around is the lively discussion with the most influential industry executives, investors, KOLs, and researchers. Every episode features tips and tricks optometrists can learn from, as well as valuable insight into the next innovations in eye care.

Listening to this podcast is like tuning in to regular ted talks from the cream of the crop in the ophthalmology industry. Their new ideas can inspire you to invest in new things optometry has to offer. You might even learn about novel concepts you would want to know more about offline.

The Ophthalmology Innovation Podcast has more than three hundred episodes published online. You can subscribe to their channel on Apple Podcasts.

Defocus Media

Defocus Media Podcasts

Defocus Media is an online publication designed to disseminate information in creative ways that capture the attention of eye care professionals. Defocus Media has two components: a podcast and videos. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Darryl Glover and Dr. Jennifer Lyerly and is considered the top podcast in the optometry field.

Whether you’re still in optometry school or a licensed professional, you can learn a lot from the business leaders they invite on the show. Through this particular podcast, you can learn the latest optometric industry news, eyewear trends, and discussions of the eyecare profession’s hottest topics.

As an optometrist, your goal is to continue learning about eye care so you can give the best medical advice to your patients. You can get bite-sized insights that will further fuel your love for the industry through this engaging podcast.

The Defocus Media Podcast network is relatively new in the industry, with only 10 episodes published so far. Based on their success so far, you can expect great things from their future podcasts. You can listen to the Defocus Media Podcast network on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Android, and Stitcher.

Power Hour Optometry

Learn new tips from Power Hour Optometry podcast

Since 2012, the Power Hour Optometry podcast has given optometry businesses advice on effective practice management. Through this podcast, you can learn news, tips, and tricks from various experts in the industry. You can learn about different topics such as myopia management, scleral lenses, and vision rehabilitation from this podcast owned by the Power Practice.

Both optometry students and practicing professionals can learn valuable lessons about the optometric journey by listening to the Power Hour. This podcast empowers optometrists with practical knowledge they can use to service their clients better.

Eyecare professionals share not only their personal experience in dealing with patients that have binocular vision dysfunction but also practice management tips you can adapt to your everyday practice. You can take your optometric business to the next level by listening to the experiences of leaders in the industry.

The Power Hour has been in operation since 2012. You can find this podcast on Google Podcasts and other popular podcast platforms.

WO Voices

WO Voices brings women's voices to the table

WO Voices bring women’s voices to the table to discuss various topics such as developmental optometry and corporate optometry. The WO community talks about complex eye issues such as anterior segment disease and ocular surface disease, but also hot topics in the optometry practice.

Women ODs share ideas on new technology, news, tips, and tricks that optometry students can learn from. If you’re experiencing challenges in your everyday practice, this podcast might provide you with helpful insight on how you can improve your operations moving forward.

This podcast featuring women ODs provides listeners with real talk about what’s it like to be an optometrist who’s building her personal brand. If you wish to learn more about clinical and practice management, giving this podcast a listen, and you can be enlightened on the intricacies of corporate optometry.

Some episodes are as short as 3 minutes, and there are almost an hour-long episodes. You can find WO Voices on Google Podcasts and other leading podcast platforms.

Nerdy Optometrist

Nerdy Optometrist Podcast is a great resource for students

Hosted by Ukti Vora, an Indian optometrist who bumped into the wonderful profession of ophthalmology, the Nerdy Optometrist is a one-stop-shop for students, fresh graduates, and experienced eye care professionals to explore new ways opportunities.

From this particular podcast, you can learn important takeaway messages that will help you better understand the opportunities in the eye care profession around the world. From practice management to refractive surgery, this podcast discusses a wide array of topics centered on the optometric business.

Whether you’re an optometry student who wants to learn about industry news or a healthcare practitioner who wants to give better care to your patients, you can pick up practical lessons through this entertaining podcast.

Every episode from this podcast lasts from thirty minutes to an hour. You can find the Nerdy Optometrist on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Castbox, Podfriend, Spotify, Overcast, Castro, and Pocket Casts.

Sound Optometry

Sound Optometry Podcasts explores case studies

Sound Optometry is a relatively new podcast that provides high-quality continuing education and training for all UK-GOC-registered optometrists. Every month, this podcast explores various topics such as optometry case studies and in-depth conversations with industry experts.

If you’re a student looking to expand your knowledge in the industry, this educational podcast can supplement your studies through practical advice and insights from respected experts. Every episode of this podcast zeroes in on particular complex eye care issues for listeners to better understand them.

Optometry students can take their learnings to the next level by tuning into this podcast. At the same time, it’s a great refresher for people who need to spruce up their knowledge about the industry. Overall, this podcast offers great learning materials for anyone and everyone in the field of optometry.

Sound Optometry has nineteen podcast episodes published so far. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, CastBox, iHeart, JioSaavn, Listen Notes, PodChaser, Radio Public, and Stitcher.

The 20/20 Podcast

The 20/20 podcast interviews experts

In the 20/20, Dr. Harbir Sian interviews guests from various backgrounds and industries to share their struggles and successes. Guests include business owners, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, media personalities, medical professionals, etc. Considered the number one optometry podcast in Canada, this podcast gives clarity to business, entrepreneurship, and eyecare.

The 20/20 podcast doesn’t just provide insight into the views of various industry experts. In shorter episodes, Dr. Sian opens up about the challenges he’s overcome in his personal and professional life. If you’re an eye care professional struggling with work-life balance, listening to this podcast might just be what you need.

This podcast’s goal is to help eye care professionals grow not only as industry experts but as human beings. You can learn a lot of practical advice by listening to this podcast. If you want to take your eye care service to greater heights, this podcast might give you the inspiration that you need.

The 20/20 podcast has published over seventy episodes so far. You can find the 20/20 podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

EyePod: The Optometry Podcast

EyePod is the official podcast series of the College of Optometrists. This show features the optometry school’s Head of Research and ex hospital radio DJ, who discusses the latest in eye health research and patient experiences.

If you’re in optometry school and want to take your learnings to the next level, this podcast is a stellar resource for the newest trends and technologies in the industry. The show also tackles relevant social issues in the industry, which you can benefit from tremendously.

Each episode is less than an hour long, making it an excellent listen for your daily commute. You can find EyePod on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Optometric Insights Media

If your goal is to accelerate your business, Optometric Insights Media is a stellar resurce you can sure benefit from. Starring Dr. Dave Kading and Dr. Mile Brujic, this particular podcast discusses topics such as the ins and outs of lubricant eye drops, the wonders of macular pigment and how to become a practice owner in three years.

This podcast series is filled with practical knowledge you can apply to your everyday operations. Each episode is about 15 to 30 minutes, making it a stellar show you can tune into during your daily commute. Optometric Insights Media is available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts.

Optometry: The Ultimate OD

If you’d like to know more about clinical and practice management, Optometry: The Ultimate OD is a fantastic resource for inspiration. Hosted by practice owner Dr. Nick Lillie, this weekly podcast offers plenty of interesting business tips and management advice.

The show’s recent episodes tackle topics like using expectations to control outcomes, how action will always beat inaction, and perspective to become successful in the industry. If you need some inspiration to reach your business goals, giving this show a listen may help you a lot.

This particular podcast has some episodes that are around 3 minutes long, and lengthier ones that are 30 minutes long. This podcast is available on Spotify, CastBox, and Apple Podcasts.

Try Not To Blink

Meanwhile, Try Not To Blink is a podcast show that talks about the ups and downs, ins and outs, news, tips and tricks of people who lead the optometry lifestyle. Hosted by Dr. Jean Deom and Dr. Roya Habibi, this show tackles topics such as the role of AI in the eye care profession, outsourcing and cold starting.

If you’re an owner of a new clinic finding your way in the world, this show offers plenty of helpful tips to achieve your business goals and elevate your practice. Each episode is about 40 minutes to over an hour each. This podcast dedicated to optometry business leaders is available on Player FM, Spotify, and Castro Podcasts.


This particular online publication concentrates on the thoughts of independent eyecare professionals, who they call wizards. Eyetrepreneur is a helpful resource if you want to take your personal and business knowledge to greater heights.

Some of the topics this podcast tackled recently are dry eye treatments, how frames are made in Japan and reducing your admin costs. This podcast is available on Eyetrepreneur.com and Apple Podcasts.

The Dry Eye Show

Another interest podcast you should listen to is The Dry Eye Show with Dr. Travis Zigler. Unlike most optometry podcasts, this show focuses on educating everyday people. This podcast offers plenty of practical advice to treat dry eye symptoms.

Episodes of this podcast range from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the topic. You can catch it on Apple Podcasts.

Corporate Optometry Nation

If you’re a business owner who wants to elevate your practice, this is a helpful resource you should listen to. This show tackles topics like optical staff, practice management mistakes and optometry best practices around the world.

You can listen to this podcast on CorporateOptometry.com. Each episode is about 20 to 40 minutes long.

Taking the Optometry Lifestyle to the Next Level

These optometry podcasts can empower eye care professionals on the latest innovations industry and complex issues that are hot topics in the field. At the same time, you can learn many practical pieces of advice to step up the ante of your practice’s marketing efforts.

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