How to Organize Your Chiropractic YouTube Channel

Did you know there are over two billion users that visit YouTube every month? That’s almost one-third of all internet users. If you are just getting started with creating a YouTube channel for your chiropractic practice, you’ll have a lot of competition. But don’t worry. If you take the time to organize your chiropractic YouTube channel, you’ll have a better chance of generating more traffic to your videos, social media channels, and your practice’s website. 

In this post, we’ll give you some basics on how to organize your chiropractic YouTube channel and what you can do to promote your videos to prospective chiropractic patients. Let’s roll the tape. 

Add Art to Your Chiropractic YouTube Channel 

First things first, let’s nail down your channel’s icon and art. These two graphics are the introduction to your chiropractic YouTube channel. They also establish your channel’s identity and will help you attract viewers because it brands your channel. To find your icon, look for a square image that appears at the top left of your chiropractic YouTube channel. 

When you add channel art, ensure it’s the same color scheme as your marketing materials such as your website, business cards, newsletters, and more because brand consistency is how viewers become more familiar with you and your business. Make sure the art enhances the logo and social links in this area because it will serve as the background for your chiropractic practice logo and social media icons.

To add channel art, hover over the top right corner until you see the edit icon. Then click “My Channel” and select “Customize Channel.” You can click on the icon to add in your own artwork or you can use one from the YouTube photo gallery.

To add an icon, head over to your existing channel icon that’s in the top left corner of your channel art banner. Then click edit, and from there follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Choose Topics for Your Chiropractic YouTube Videos 

Before we dive into topics, the first video you should post on your channel is your introduction video. This includes a small paragraph statement in the description about you and your chiropractic practice.

When choosing a topic for your YouTube videos, you’ll want to think about what people are searching for online, the questions your chiropractic patients ask you the most, and the expertise you can bring as a chiropractor. 

Here are some Chiropractic YouTube Video Ideas: 

  • What to expect during your first chiropractic adjustment
  • Why see a chiropractor?
  • Informational series that includes tips and tricks
  • Easy exercises to improve posture
  • Tension headache relief from home 
  • Funny spinal adjustment moments 
  • Signs you need a chiropractor
  • Back pain myth-busters
  • How to relieve back back at home 

How to Organize Your Chiropractic YouTube Channel for Categories

If you don’t organize your chiropractic YouTube channel, users might see uploaded videos, liked videos, or subscriptions placed randomly. When organizing your videos into categories, you want to group them together based on the topic. For example, you can try organizing videos by exercise and stretching basics, how-to videos, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle tips, and more. 

This will increase your chances of generating additional traffic to your videos that are in your playlist. It also makes it easier for viewers to pick a video that sparks their interest.

How to Organize Your Videos Into a Categorized Playlist:

Step 1: Click on Video Manager.

Step 2: Select the video you would like to add to the playlist. 

Step 3: Click the playlist dropdown menu located at the top of the list.

Step 4: Select which category you would like to add the video to or you can simply create a new playlist.

How to Add Sections on Your YouTube Channel 

Setting up sections on your YouTube channel will make your videos easier to find and will help users navigate through your channel more efficiently as well as organize your channel even further.

The first step is to turn on the channel customization. You can do this by heading to your profile picture that is located at the top right. You’ll then select your channel and click “Customize Channel.” You’ll see at the bottom right of the page there is an “Add a section” button. Then under “Content”, use the drop-down menu to select the type of content you want to appear in your section. Here are the sections you can add. 

  1. Videos: Highlight popular chiropractic adjustment videos
  2. Uploads: Showcase posted videos and live streams.
  3. Playlists: Add a dedicated section from your playlists.
  4. Channels: You can choose to highlight any featured chiropractic channels.

Insert Keywords to Your Video Titles 

Oftentimes your video titles determine whether or not users will click to view. That’s why it’s so important to create titles that are concise and compelling.

Once you’ve organized your chiropractic YouTube channel for categories, you’ll want to add keywords to your video titles and descriptions for the playlist. Place your targeted keywords in the first part of your playlist title.

Keep your video titles and playlists short and descriptive. You can use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. Try to look for keywords that are easy to rank for and have a high search volume. 

Your playlist description can be a maximum of 5,000 words. This gives you plenty of time to explain the content of the videos in your playlist and provide beneficial keywords for YouTube’s algorithm.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel 

Now that you know how to add channel art, an icon, and categories to your YouTube channel with targeted keywords, it’s time to promote your YouTube channel and get subscribers. Here are a few tips that can help you generate more traffic to your YouTube channel and have viewers stay on your channel longer.

  1. Include calls to action
  2. Engage with viewers using video contests, response videos, and chiropractic collaborations
  3. Create and post intriguing chiropractic content
  4. Make sure your videos are under 5 minutes
  5. Purchase the right equipment for an in-house practice studio
  6. Post once or twice a week 

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Are You Ready to Dominate YouTube? 

Promotional and chiropractic educational videos can be a great source of traffic to your chiropractic website. Use your YouTube channel to show prospective chiropractic patients what to expect when they first visit your practice. Introduce your staff members and show off your office, and state-of-the-art equipment. You can create patient testimonial videos that show past success stories. The options are endless, you just have to start and have a plan! 

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