Using Video Promotion to Generate Website Traffic

Video promotion has, hands down, dominated the social world this year and taken companies that utilize it to new heights and generated a huge amount of traffic to their website. Video has transitioned from just being one aspect of an online content strategy to being a stand-alone marketing tool.

According to statistics from HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers stated that they would rather see videos from different brands more than any other content. Video is an entertaining and educational resource for consumers to learn more about your company and your product and services.

The way in which social media and video work together as well as the power to take your business to new heights. With access to so many social platforms and technological resources such as smartphones right at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless for how you can take advantage of the rising power of creating video content for your customers.
Here are 5 key tips to know in order to use video promotion to generate website traffic.

5 Ways Video Promotion Can Generate Website Traffic

Decide What Type of Videos You Want to Produce

When you begin to plan any social media strategy, it’s imperative that you include exactly what type of content you want to produce for your site. In the case of video production, there are numerous video marketing ideas that you can use to attract potential consumers to your site.
One example is a how-to video. This is an opportunity to teach your target audience something educational about a certain topic or about what products your company has to offer. Instructional videos should be useful to the viewer in some way and when it’s over, they should feel like they learned something new about your brand or information that they can somehow apply to their lives.

Another example is expert interviews. For this type of video promotion, it becomes your job to find someone who is an authority figure and industry expert on whatever the subject matter of the video is and capture that interview. It is crucial that you research this person and make sure they have the credentials to discuss the topic at hand. The interviewer should also be well-versed in the keynote in order to keep the conversation going and keep the audience’s attention.

One final example of a video marketing idea is one that every business should have if they want their consumers to know what it is they do and who they are. And that is a demo video. A demo video is simply an introduction video to what you have to offer.

In the video, be sure to answer any questions you think a new customer may have about your product. A captivating demo video can be a powerful sales in convincing viewers that the reputation of your product is undeniable and that purchasing your services will enrich their life in some way.

Jump Into The Video Creation Process

Once you decide what type of videos it is that you want to produce, now it’s time to begin actual production. Now, video production can become somewhat pricey depending on what equipment you use and how long the entire process will take. It’s important that you set a budget for your company and stick to it.
Will your budget include using professional cameras such as DSLRs and editing software or just your smartphone? If you decide to use professional cameras, will one of your employees be in control of the camera, or are you considering hiring a production team? All of these questions should be considered when you and your team are creating the budget.

There other factors that are included in the production process are how long it will take to write the script, recording the video, editing, and when you would like for it to go live. Create a schedule and deadlines for each of these steps to help you stay on track and meet your goal.

Transcripts are also very helpful when it comes to appealing to numerous target audiences. For people who may be hard of hearing, having it transcribed will let the consumer know that you are attempting to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to the content you publish. Audio transcription will also push your video to the top of search engine results pages because of the keywords includes in the description.

Make Your Videos Easily Accessible Via Social Media

After you’ve put all the finishing touches on your video content, it should be sharable on all social platforms. When you post the video to your site, there should always be an option to share it on all relevant social media platforms right under the video. This way, people who visit your site are only a few clicks away from sharing your content for others to see.

Utilizing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram make it as easy as possible for your viewers to like and repost your content on their timelines. Almost five billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. If you optimize your videos

When you create videos containing educational or entertaining videos for your customers to consume, it lets them know they can continue to come back to your site for new and refreshing video content. Every time they return to your company’s website, it generates website traffic and that traffic then becomes sales.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Every time you create new video content, notify your clients. Send them an email featuring a short description of what it’s about and what they could learn from watching your video. It would be helpful to also include a small call to action at the end stating if they have any more questions that you’re available. This drives them back to your website instead of elsewhere for any more information.

Utilizing SEO for Video

One of the most important parts of the editing process is choosing a proper title and description that relates to your video. The title of your video is what comes up on the search engine results page so it’s important that you use keywords that target your audience and tie back in with the subject matter of the video.

Now that you’ve read how useful video promotion is, it’s time to put your new knowledge to good use. Begin brainstorming ideas for videos and figure out the best way to execute them with the resources that you have available. Research relevant topics that are specific to your industry and get to recording.

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