5 Tips: How to Succeed with (PPC) Advertising

Interested in learning more about how you can maximize your visibility in online search results? We’re sharing these top five tips to succeed with a pay-per-click package to crush your marketing goals.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extremely effective way to get new clients through your door. With a pay per click marketing package, clients are searching for you, not the other way around. A PPC consultant can help you get the most out of any online advertising campaign.
So how does a PPC consultant work and what can you do to help them get the most out of your campaign with pay-per-click packages? Read these five tips to find out!

Top 5 Ways to Help You Succeed with Pay-Per-Click Marketing

1. Be Relevant

When running a PPC campaign, it cannot be understated how important it is to be a relevant search result for the person who is searching for you. If someone clicks on your ad and then realizes that they are not the proper fit for your business, then you just wasted some of your ad-spend on their irrelevant click.
Obviously, you will want to have relevant positive keywords (the terms that potential clients are searching for that could bring up your ad.) You may want keywords like “eye doctor,” “buy glasses,” or “optometrist appointment.”
But more specifically, your PPC consultant will be able to make your pay per click packages give you the highest return on investment (ROI) when you know which of your services or products will bring in the most revenue so that those can be keywords that are associated with your campaign.

Having a keyword for an expensive brand of glasses that you carry will sometimes be more beneficial than having a keyword for one of your less expensive options.

But what if someone is searching for a service or brand that you don’t carry or is searching for an optometrist that accepts an insurance carrier that you don’t? You will want to let your PPC consultant know this so that they can insert them into your campaign as negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that do the opposite of what regular keywords do — when someone uses these negative keywords in search, your ad will not show up. This, in turn, makes your Google marketing campaign more efficient by preventing you from wasting ad spend on clicks from people who are unlikely to become your clients.

2. Be Different

More than likely, there are other businesses similar to yours competing for ad space on Google.  If you are going to remain competitive against these other businesses selling similar products or services, you will need your to do something to stand out.
With limited character counts to get your message across, this can be easier said than done. To help you succeed with your pay-per-click marketing packages, we recommend you think hard about what you can offer that other businesses can’t.
One method to consider is having an exclusive, special offer in the text of your ad. Check out what your competitors are offering in their pay-per-click ads and then let your PPC consultant know what you want to offer.

3. Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple and being different may seem like opposite goals, but they are not.

Potential clients are only skimming your ad initially, so your message needs to simple enough to stick.

You may be different from your competitors because you have a special treatment method, but if your potential clients have never heard of said treatment method, you should keep it out of your ad. Instead, include in your ad what malady it is that your specialized treatment treats.
Keeping your ads simple also helps your PPC consultant see exactly what is working in your ad, which brings us to the next point.

4. Test and Optimize

Your PPC consultant is going to want to optimize each campaign for you by making sure that your quality score stays high. Quality score is how Google decides where to rank your ads and how much you pay for an individual ad. The quality score measures exactly what it says in the name–the quality of your ad.
So how should your pay per click packages make sure your quality score is high? Part of it is by following our previously suggested tips: being simple, relevant, and different.
But another part of the quality of your ad is determined by ad extensions. Ad extensions are tools added to your ad to make it more effective. One tool that your PCC consultant will want to use is the Ad Location Extension, which prevents your ad from being shown to people who are too far away from your business to come in.
Thus, an ad extension can not only increase your ranking amongst other google ads but also save you money in doing so. You don’t want to waste money showing your ad to people who can’t become your clients!

5. Close the Deal

A strong call to action is the most important component of a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign. If potential clients don’t know what action to take next, they often won’t take any action at all.
Having action words in the text of your ad is a key factor in making sure your call-to-action is strong. Saying things like “Make an appointment now!” can lead potential clients to do just that. This is also where having a click-to-call ad extension will help in your pay per click marketing package. With a click-to-call extension, potential clients who are on their mobile devices can call you straight from your ad. With more than 50% of searches being done from mobile devices, you can bet that this is an extremely effective strategy.

Now you should have a better idea of what it takes to succeed with a pay-per-click marketing package. As a Google Premier Partner, iMatrix provides pay per click marketing packages that can help you make Google a tool for your success.
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