Tracking Website ROI with Google Analytics

One main advantage for chiropractors who use digital marketing over traditional marketing is the ability to measure return on investment, or ROI. With Google Analytics, it can be determined how people are finding your website, actions they perform while on your website, and how much time is spent browsing your website. These analytics are helpful in understanding patterns and identifying trends that give you insight into how well your website is performing.


You can set up a Google Analytics Dashboard to download directly into your Google Analytics. Log in to Google Analytics,* and copy and paste the below link into your browser.

*If do not currently have Google Analytics, check out our help page on How to Install Google Analytics

There are several factors that will help analyze your website. These factors include Traffic Type, Keywords, Landing Pages, Visits, and Average Visit Duration.

Traffic Type: Unpaid and Paid

There is unpaid and paid traffic. The three types of unpaid traffic are: direct, organic, and referral. Direct traffic refers to when a visitor types your website’s URL directly into their address bar to navigate to your website. Organic traffic means the visitor has used a search engine to locate your website. And referral traffic is when someone was on another web page, such as a directory or another local business, and clicked on a link that directed them to your website. Paid traffic focuses on PPC marketing, which means you pay for an ad to appear in search results.



Keywords refer to the terms people are using to find your website. If their keyword is your business name, this means they have heard of your business before. If they type in a more general keyword phrase such as “chiropractor in San Diego,” they most likely discovered your business through the search engine.


Landing Pages

A landing page shows where on your website your visitor was directed to when they clicked a search engine link. Usually your top landing page will include a forward slash because that means they were directed to your home page, such as For example “/about-us.html,” would refer to Focus on optimizing these pages, as this shows what pages are important to viewers.


Visits and Visit Duration

Pages/Visit refers to the number of pages a visitor saw while on your site. Average Visit Duration is the amount of time someone spent on your site.


The Google Analytics Dashboard is a good first step to help you analyze your website’s performance and usability. Let iMatrix manage your website and boost the online marketing of your chiropractic practice, call 888.792.8384 iMatrix and ask about our advanced SEO service.

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