5 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Veterinary Practice

Social media is often seen as more for social use between friends than for use by small businesses. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Social media is one of the most effective marketing avenues for effective veterinary marketing.
Read on to find out why exactly veterinary social media is so essential for your business.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Veterinary Practice

1. Claim Your Name so Others Don’t

One thing you might consider is not what happens if you do become active on social media, but the consequences if you don’t. At the very least, you should own your practice’s name across every social media platform you can think of (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc.), even if you have no intention of becoming active on any of them. Because if you don’t claim your name, there is a chance that someone else will.
You absolutely do not want a rival company or a disgruntled ex-client creating a veterinary social media page about you, and possibly making posts that you do not agree on. Nor do you want another business with a name similar to your practice’s impugning on your brand. If you haven’t already, Keep your business safe by claiming ownership of these names ASAP.

2. Communicate With Clients

If you have ever had to close your practice down due to a personal emergency or inclement weather, you know how inconvenient it can be to notify your clients. While it will not solve this issue entirely, using social media to announce any change in your hours will make more of your client’s aware and will saving them from calling you to find out.
Any events you have can also be easily announced on social media, as well as relevant veterinary news in your area. Many veterinarians also use social media to announce outbreaks such as dog flu, in order to better enable their clients to keep their pets safe. And as you already are likely well aware, when your clients know how to keep their pet’s safe, your job is less stressful.

3. Cost Effective Veterinary Marketing

Social media can be free and somewhat time-consuming if you are a do-it-yourselfer, but even when you pay for an expert marketing company like VetMatrix to handle your social media for you, it is extremely cost-effective.
Social media pages often have a snowball effect. Maybe at first you see few results. The more consistent you are with it, the more followers you will get. Not only that, but you will stay at the forefront of your client’s brains and increase customer loyalty with minimal effort.

4. Get Traffic to Your Website

Unless you already rank number one, you would probably be happy if you increase your website’s Google ranking. Getting more traffic to your website can help you achieve this, and what better way to get more traffic to your website than social media?
Your social media followers can also become your website visitors; having an active social media presence can increase your search engine optimization, and, in turn, help your business reach more potential clients when you are higher in the search engine.

5. Understand your Clients

Social media additionally makes it easier than ever to keep track of what your clients like and what messages really hit home for them. You can tell this by paying attention to posts that you will get the most interaction with.

Read what your clients’ comment on the veterinary social media posts you share, and keep track of what posts of yours they like and which ones they ignore to better communicate with your clients both in and out of the office. You can do this by looking at 2 factors: reach and engagement. How many people did that particular post reach and what type of engagement did that post receive? This will help determine your most popular content and the content that just wasn’t as enticing to your audience.

Ready to get started?

Hopefully, this article convinced you that there is no time like the present to take advantage of social media. It is such an important tool to in your veterinary marketing toolbox. If you’re still confused and need more of a clue on where to start with your social media journey, feel free to give VetMatrix a call at 866-788-2991 for a no-obligation, personalized online marketing consultation.

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