How Many of These Video Marketing Mistakes Are You Making?

Lights, camera, action! Take one, video marketing is gaining a vital place in the marketing plans of most healthcare practices. Videos dominate social media, email newsletters, blogs, and additional written content.

85% of all internet users in the United States watch online video content monthly on any of their devices. – Statista

Video marketing should be a key component of your healthcare practice’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re using videos to showcase a new product or service, increase engagement on your social media platforms, or educate your patients, video marketing will effectively grow your online presence and reach more potential patients or clients. 
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6 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid 

If you aren’t seeing results with your videos then you may be making these video marketing mistakes! Let’s learn the top 6 video marketing mistakes to avoid and what you should do instead.
Let’s now take action to improve your practice’s video marketing techniques. Before we press play, be sure to check out our infographic – Video Marketing: Do This Not That, where we reveal the most common mistakes businesses make when using video to market their products or services and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Bland and Random Videos

Don’t just roll the camera and start shooting. In order for your videos to be successful, you need to have a marketing design strategy. Videos speak to us visually and creating an engaging and visually appealing video will increase clicks and watch time. If you want your video to be eye-catching you need to add value for the viewer. 
How to Avoid: Determine the type of video you will be producing.
 ✔️ Brand Videos
✔️  Live Videos
✔️ Product Videos
✔️ Demo Videos
✔️ Animated Videos
✔️ Educational or How-To Videos
Before you can add value you need to understand your audience. Who are you marketing to? 
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Mistake 2:  Not Knowing Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the key to creating a must-watch video for your business. Remember the video isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. Therefore, how are you adding interest to your audience? What is the message you are trying to convey to your audience? 
How to Avoid: Researching your consumers’ interests will get you closer to knowing your audience. You can do this by looking into their age, gender, occupations, and education. This can help when you are strategizing your video approach along with drafting your script. 

 Mistake 3: Producing Long Videos 

Stop right there! You should be avoiding lengthy videos! Your video should be less than five minutes. Visitors who click on your video want to engage and be informed. Don’t waste any time during your video. 

68% of viewers will watch a business video all the way through if it’s under 1 minute. – Vidyard

How to avoid: To avoid this video marketing mistake make sure you’re straight forward and have a clear message. This is why it’s important to put your audience first! Their time is valuable and keeping a video under two minutes will have more views and engagement. 
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Mistake 4: Leaving Out a Call to Action (CTA)

Be sure to add a call to action at the end of every video. You have delivered an educational, eye-catching video that leaves viewers wanting more, but how can your viewers get connected to you for additional information? 
How to Avoid: A call to action can do just that! Add your website for viewers to visit your site. Or even better, create a landing page so you can track the leads you receive from this specific video. Both of these CTAs will lead to more web traffic. Or you can provide your business phone number so that they can schedule a visit. 
Do not overwhelm your viewers with too many CTAs because this will feel more like a sales promotional video and you may seem desperate. One at the end, or even sandwiched at the beginning and the end if longer, is perfect.

Mistake 5: Poor Quality 

Lights, camera, action, and sound! These are the tools you need for a high-quality video. You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to create a high-quality video, but you do need to make sure your viewers can hear you and see you well. Poor-quality videos will tell your viewers you are out of date and you won’t get too many views. 
How to Avoid: If you can’t afford a professional photographer you can use your smartphone. As far as lights go try using natural light if you don’t have a video lighting kit. Just make sure it’s not too bright where you look like a ghost. 
Be sure to run a test for audio and check your camera and lighting before you hit record. Small lapel microphones are very cost-effective and can plug into your smartphone if you find your smartphone microphone isn’t effective. 
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Mistake 6: Ignoring Social Media Channels & SEO

In order to reach out to your audience, you need to post your video to all social platforms. The more you share the more views you’ll have. 
Upload your video to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to boost engagement and encourage sharing. By uploading to each platform natively, you’ll take full advantage of that platform’s promotion of your video. 

More than 90% of people share videos they’ve watched online. – WebFx

How to Avoid: Target your ideal viewers be sure to add search optimized content! Search engines like Google rank the quality of your content. 
When someone is searching for a solution to their problem you want to make sure your video content is their solution. You can do this by adding SEO keywords and descriptions to your video descriptions and backlinks to your video content. 
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Are You Ready to Take Action? 

Now that you are aware of these video marketing mistakes to avoid, start taking action and implement these techniques to effectively market your practice.
You may not see immediate results but this sets you up for success by increasing your reach and promoting your practice. 

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