Choosing Video Topic Ideas to Keep Your Clients Tuning In

By now you most likely have created a YouTube channel for your business but you may be coming up short when deciding on video topics. It is a good idea to have a brainstorming session with your staff on a monthly basis to plan for the next month or two. That way when it is time to create your script and film your video, you already have an idea of the direction you want to take it.

Video Topic Tips to Engage Your Clients

1. Choose a timely video topic. For example, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so filming a short video discussing health-conscious tips, awareness education, ways your company is participating in fundraising or even a client survivor story is likely to draw in a good number of views. Keep current with what is happening in real-time and you have a better chance of connecting with your clients.
2. Introductions all around. Filming a welcome video for your clients gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your staff in your work setting. By highlighting specific services and allowing your Introduce Yourself and Your Staff in the Videopersonality to come through will help potential clients relate more to you, encouraging them to visit your business.
3. Let your audience know what is new with you. Do you have a new service you are offering or helpful tips your clients can benefit from? Show your clients firsthand the value your business offers and anything new and exciting that keeps your company growing.
4. Promote yourself, but do not be too sales-y. If your business is having a contest or running a promotion, film a short video encouraging clients to take action by calling your office or responding to you online to participate. When someone actually hears excitement in your voice, this can provoke them to interact more.

5. Capture a testimonial. When you come across a client who is happy with your services, ask them if they would be willing to film a video testimonial for you. Keep it short and sweet and let the client say on camera what it is they love about your business. In-person reviews are a great way to boost your brand and spread the word.
Video continues to thrive in the online marketing world and it can benefit your business too. A bit of strategic planning and preparedness can help make your videos a success. If you have questions about the details of what video marketing can do for you, call us at 1-800-IMATRIX.

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