10 Things to Avoid on Camera

When preparing to film a video for your office there are several things you do not want to do in front of the camera. Here are some helpful tips on what to avoid when in front of the camera.

1.    Avoid Negative Chemistry

If you have multiple people on set, make sure everyone has equal speaking time. Having one person doing all the talking while another is silent can give off a negative perception.

Avoid Wearing Distracting Clothing on Camera

2.    Distracting Clothing

Wearing solid colors is best for the camera. In particular, neutrals and pastels present a good contrast. Solid white is too bright, while solid black or navy is too dark. Busy patterns and neon colors should also be avoided.

 3.    Avoid a Messy Set

Make sure to straighten up and remove clutter from desks and work spaces. Less is more helps avoid distractions; people will focus more on what you are saying.

Avoid a Messy Set

4.    Don’t Stare into the Camera

Smiling the whole time will make you look frozen. Use subtle gestures and, if relevant, have a few props to keep the audience engaged.

5.    Avoid Using “Pause” Words

Words such as “like,” “and,” or, “umm” should be avoided as “fill ins” while you are talking. Stuttering should also be avoided. This will make you seem nervous on camera. Practice ahead of time and have a script to avoid using these filler words.

6.    Avoid Too Much Content

Stick to a list of key points to talk about. Keep things simple and straight to the point.

7.    Avoid Negatives

Talk about the positive things that your business has done. Steer clear of talking about things that could be perceived as negative, such as services you do not offer.

8.    Avoid Using Technical Terms

Keep your language as simple as possible to appeal to a bigger audience. Avoid using terms only other professionals in your field would understand.

9.    Talking Too Fast

Remember to breath. Go slow to cover all of the points that you want to address. If necessary, make more than one video.

10.    Avoid Improvising

Practice in advance so you are prepared and can any make changes. If possible, have a friend or co-worker film you while practicing so that you know what to avoid.
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